May 2024 global temperatures
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UAH Global Temperature Update for May, 2024: +0.90 deg. C

June 4th, 2024 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

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Antarctic Daily Image Update

Was This Really a 1 in 700,000,000,000 Year Event?! - Antarctic sea ice melting fast

230,238 views  Feb 27, 2024  

                                        For decades, Antarctic sea ice trends seemed to defy climate change, until…they didn’t. In just two years, Antarctica lost as much sea ice as the Arctic lost in three decades. Statistics say that the record low sea ice in 2023 was a 1 in 700 BILLION year event, suggesting that the models in this case may be broken, or that this anomaly was caused by climate change. And a new study asked the question: does this represent a STATE CHANGE? And what would that mean for one of our most iconic species, the emperor penguin? And what does reduced sea ice mean for Thwaites, the Doomsday Glacier? With summer sea ice hitting the third-lowest extent in recorded history, it's time to check-in. Watch this episode to find out.



Greenhouse gas warming did NOT cause this extreme anomaly in 2023.

For 1 thing, the earth is less than 5 billion years old. To claim that this was a 1 in 700 billion year event is retarded science.


It really boils down to this, once again(Cliff Mass can be counted on as an elite source for using objective, authentic science)

The GoldenRule

 Considering the substantial confusion in the media about this critical issue, let me provide the GOLDENRULE OF CLIMATE EXTREMES. Here it is:

The more extreme a climate or weather record is, the greater the contribution of natural variability.

Or to put it a different way, the larger or more unusual an extreme, the higher proportion of the extreme is due to natural variability.   


By scientific definition, the vast majority of the extreme of the 2023 extreme temperature anomaly was caused by a natural variation event.

Global warming, slowly accumulating X amount of warming, incrementally for 100 years added that X amount of warming to this NATURAL VARIATION EVENT but this insane blaming of everything on the fake climate crisis has distorted climate science interpretations so that  they are no longer looking for the REAL reasons for extreme events. They assume every extreme event came from greenhouse gas warming caused by the increase of CO2.

Most of the spike higher in global temperatures in 2023 was caused by something INDEPENDENT of this!!!!!

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New Data Show Svalbard Polar Bears are Fatter than They Were in 1993 Despite Continued Low Sea Ice


This 2024 data from male Svalbard bears mirrors that of female bears captured up to 2017, which showed a similar pattern (Lippold et al. 2019): less sea ice in recent years has meant bears have been in better condition than they were in the 1990s when there was more sea ice.

Lippold and colleagues (2019: 988) stated this clearly for female polar bears (my bold]:


Unexpectedly, body condition of female polar bears from the Barents Sea has increased after 2005, although sea ice has retreated by 50% since the late 1990s in the area, and the length of the ice-free season has increased by over 20 weeks between 1979 and 2013. These changes are also accompanied by winter sea ice retreat that is especially pronounced in the Barents Sea compared to other Arctic areas. Despite the declining sea ice in the Barents Sea, polar bears are likely not lacking food as long as sea ice is present during their peak feeding period. Polar bears feed extensively from April to June when ringed seals have pups and are particularly vulnerable to predation, whereas the predation rate during the rest of the year is likely low.”

As I’ve explained previously, this is almost certainly due to the fact that less sea ice in summer causes increased primary productivity — more plankton feeds more fish, which feeds more seals — which produces an abundance of seals for polar bears to feed on when sea ice is present in the spring (Crockford 2023; Frey et al. 2022).

The Norwegian authors concluded their 2024 polar bear report by stating [my bold]:

Even though the loss of sea ice has been marked around Svalbard in recent years, and is expected to continue in the coming decades, the size of the subpopulation may still be below the carrying capacity.  

It is therefore possible that the subpopulation currently is still growing, or at least is stable, even though the availability of habitats has become poorer for much of the year. …

Observations so far are unable to document that changes in the climate have had clear effects on the subpopulation.


This ANTI science man got a Nobel Peace prize for his predictions:

Al Gore has history of climate predictions, statements proven false

 Gore said there was a 75% chance the entire north polar ice cap would likely be gone by 2016


Did Al Gore Predict Earth's Ice Caps Would Melt by 2014?
In the late 2000s, the former U.S. Vice President sometimes inaccurately represented studies that predicted the timeline for an ice-free Arctic.

Mixture Mixture

In the years 2007, 2008, and 2009, Al Gore made statements about the possibility of a complete lack of summer sea ice in the Arctic by as early as 2013.


No "mixture" about it. Gore said it and meant it and 10 years later,  his prediction has never come close to happening.

Scientists like me,  who call this blatant, junk science alarmism out are NOT the deniers!


This below, is denial:

Al Gore did not ‘predict’ ice caps melting by 2013 but misrepresented data


Death by drowning: Al Gore told us this was the future of polar bears but it wasn’t


Polar Bears Are Smarter Than Al Gore


metmike: Oh, but Al Gore isn't a scientist so he didn't really represent the science coming at us during that time.

REALLY? Not only did he represent the junk science, he was elevated and recognized with major awards for it!

The Nobel Peace Prize 2007

Prize share: 1/2 

The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 was awarded jointly to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change"


Honorary Doctorates


Gore receives the Nobel Peace Prize in the city hall of Oslo, 2007


Gore's Oscar gets a friend: an Emmy

This follows the best documentary Oscar that "An Inconvenient Truth" won earlier this year. The film chronicles Gore's campaign to educate people on global warming. For the same cause, Gore helped organize Live Earth this summer, a series of global concerts held to raise awareness for climate change.


Stop pretending this didn't happen and that Gore was not really elevated to climate crisis Guru and expert.... when we compare what he predicted, that he got awards for to what actually happened.

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         Let me first remind readers that I'm a practicing environmentalist, humanitarian AND atmospheric scientist as well as chess coach.    

                The real environmental crisis's                      

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UN Chief Calls for Governments to Censor Fossil Fuel Advertisements


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Products made from crude oil

After crude oil is removed from the ground, it is sent to a refinery where different parts of the crude oil are separated into useable petroleum products. These petroleum products include gasoline, distillates such as diesel fuel and heating oil, jet fuel, petrochemical feedstocks, waxes, lubricating oils, and asphalt.

A U.S 42-gallon barrel of crude oil yields about 45 gallons of petroleum products in U.S. refineries because of refinery processing gain. This increase in volume is similar to what happens to popcorn when it is popped.

One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to make things like:  

SolventsDiesel fuelMotor OilBearing Grease
InkFloor WaxBallpoint PensFootball Cleats
Bicycle TiresSports Car BodiesNail PolishFishing lures
DressesTiresGolf BagsPerfumes
CassettesDishwasher partsTool BoxesShoe Polish
Motorcycle HelmetCaulkingPetroleum JellyTransparent Tape
CD PlayerFaucet WashersAntisepticsClothesline
CurtainsFood PreservativesBasketballsSoap
Vitamin CapsulesAntihistaminesPursesShoes
DashboardsCortisoneDeodorantShoelace Aglets
PuttyDyesPanty HoseRefrigerant
PercolatorsLife JacketsRubbing AlcoholLinings
SkisTV CabinetsShag RugsElectrician’s Tape
Tool RacksCar Battery CasesEpoxyPaint
MopsSlacksInsect RepellentOil Filters
UmbrellasYarnFertilizersHair Coloring
RoofingToilet SeatsFishing RodsLipstick
Denture AdhesiveLinoleumIce Cube TraysSynthetic Rubber
SpeakersPlastic WoodElectric BlanketsGlycerin
Tennis RacketsRubber CementFishing BootsDice
Nylon RopeCandlesTrash BagsHouse Paint
Water PipesHand LotionRoller SkatesSurf Boards
ShampooWheelsPaint RollersShower Curtains
Guitar StringsLuggageAspirinSafety Glasses
AntifreezeFootball HelmetsAwningsEyeglasses
ClothesToothbrushesIce ChestsFootballs
CombsCD’s & DVD’sPaint BrushesDetergents
VaporizersBalloonsSun GlassesTents
Heart ValvesCrayonsParachutesTelephones
AnestheticsArtificial TurfArtificial limbsBandages
DenturesModel CarsFolding DoorsHair Curlers
Cold creamMovie filmContact lensesDrinking Cups
Fan BeltsCar EnamelShaving CreamAmmonia
RefrigeratorsGolf BallsToothpasteGasoline

metmike: This is a partial list of the 6,000+ products!

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Thanks to WUWT for the many articles that I copy here!

Scientific integrity and U.S. “Billion Dollar Disasters”

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UAH Upper Tropospheric Temperatures Corroborate LT Temperature Trends

The Southern Extratropics has more water compared to the Northern Extratropics that has more land. Water takes  longer to heat/cool vs land. 

However, this comment by Dr. Spencer is what's most fascinating about the temperature profiles above:

If we look at just the extra-tropics we see the northern latitudes had record warmth in March. But the southern latitudes May came in only 3rd warmest, behind September 2019, and November, 1988.