It's just not fair ...
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Started by carlberky - Sept. 7, 2018, 11:39 a.m.

Senile old man does babble on about numbers.

Two even numbers added together will produce another even number.
Two odd numbers added together will produce an even number.

In order for an odd number to produce another odd number, it must be added to an even number.

It's just not fair to odd numbers. 

By wglassfo - Sept. 7, 2018, 9:38 p.m.
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I bet Trump feels like the odd man out, about now.

Who can he trust

Domestic or on the world stage

Trump must feel as if the walls are closing in from all sides. I would feel the same way. Who did it. I would probably throw the biggest hissy fit of all time. {Behind  a curtain, of course.]

And then to think a guy in a plaid shirt, seated behind Trump, in the VIP section, stole the show, at one of Trumps recent rallies. That would really warrant a hissy fit. Just because the guy showed extreme boredom, he could have smiled or clapped at least once or twice. No wonder he was escorted out and a very pretty lady took his seat. Rednecks can be so uncouth, at times. I think I would have realized my VIP treatment and smiled and clapped a number of times. You know the camera is on you and the whole world is a stage.  Lights, action, smile, clap. Even at a live taping of Jay Leno we were cued in when to clap and make noise. At least that is how it worked when we went to see Jay Leno tape a show.

I bet Trump did not see the humour in that little episode, when he found out later, on the plane back to the White House. Heck. Who would have the nerve to tell him. So he finds out himself when viewing his rally and really brow beats his staff. I would do the same. This palace coup stuff is going too far, is what Trump must be thinking. Next thing you know rocket man will say no more dismantling of rockets and the whole world says "what the heck?? We thought Trump made a deal with rocket man. All the USA got was a jumble of old bones in a few cloth bags out of the deal. Trump and rocket man, signed papers in a big show of important deal making stuff, only to find out the deal wasn't worth the paper the deal was written on. I would be pi#$%^ at rocket man. And to think he has the gonads to trade goods off shore from one ship to another. Liar, cheat. Wait a minute. That is what so many countries say about Trump. 

The world is confused. Some fear economic disaster, just like those 11 million American auto workers with their job hanging in the balance, waiting the outcome of trade decisions. Every state governor,  union leader and  auto CEO exec. has warned about the loss of jobs.

Aw heck. Anything can be spun as a win. It happened with Mexico. That's what I would do. Now if those darn walls would stop closing in on me.