Trump Job Approval
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Started by TimNew - Feb. 10, 2018, 2:59 p.m.

It occurred to me that it's been a while since I've heard anything about Trump's job approval ratings.  I mean, it used to be a week didn't pass without hearing at least a few times about how he is the least popular president in the history of the universe,  so I though I'd check...

Imagine my surprise when I saw that his disapproval rating is in a nose dive while his approval rating is climbing strongly.... (Actually, with the accompanying silence from the left, I was not surprised at all).

Guess US voters are easily swayed by things like job creation, stock market booms and general prosperity.

His Real Clear Politics net is -12.  Certainly nothing to brag about, but a vast improvement over a relatively short time. Rasmussen has him just about even at -50/+49.  At his worst in 2013, Obama was net -14.3...

I've made no secret that I don't hold the general opinion of the American voter at large in very high regard, but the left has absolutely sworn by it for the last year or so. I wonder if they still do?

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