Does Trump know what he is doing
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Started by wglassfo - Oct. 31, 2018, 11:20 p.m.

I will tell you I got this from Zero Hedge but they make some good points and I apologize for not knowing how to do a link

So: You will have to look for yourself

Anyhow, between Zero Hedge and my own conversation with folks in your country and other places, plus what  I read

I have to begin to think a bit

Does Trump realize he may be starting the slippery down slope of the USD as reserve currency, by doing a lot of stuff that really makes people in other countries angry. Maybe Trump doesn't care, but I think somebody should.

We have  found out that India will purchase military hardware from Russia. So: how to pay for this hardware was a problem with the sanctions.. Well Russia and India made a deal to use a combination of their own currencies to by-pass SWIFT

Now Europe is looking for ways to by-pass SWIFT. Everybody thought Trump was such a hero when he insulted nearly all or all of his allies. Then threatened sanctions on anybody who did business with Russia, china Iran and who knows who else, plus tariffs out the wassu. C'mon National security as an excuse for steel tariffs??? Why not come on out and say what the problem is and was. China shipping steel into Canada to be re-sold into the USA. Now don't you think a way could have been worked out to stop this nonsense instead of an ego trip for national security. Makes a good sound bite and rallies the base but get serious.

Well: Seems like the folks don't like Trumps bully tactics, in Canada, Mexico Russia, India, China, Germany and a few more I forget. More and more countries are finding solutions to Trumps sanctions. Is this because they were insulted by the bully or some other reason. I don't know, but the world seems to be finding ways to avoid the USD. This can't be good for the USD reserve status.

Just a word on the upcoming summit with Xi. Trump can tariff all he wants with china, he is not going to win with Xi. Xi has too much to lose face over to be seen as bowing down to bully tatics. He has said so repeatedly. But Trump thinks he can make a deal. In fact the whole world has had it with Trump and china knows this.. When your allies look for ways to avoid the sanctions, and the USD, then maybe Trump should re-evaluate

Not to mention the harm Trump is causing within his own country

I could go on, but you get the picture

Trump is not helping the USA, in a manner such as many thought he would. There is a whole big world out there and most americians only know what happens within the USA border. The world doesn't care what the employment rate is in the USA.

Bully tactics and insulting the world doesn't go over very well. It is taking some time, but some day soon, as other countries decide what to do, Trump will stand alone in a failed USA. If Trump can build an economic wall around the USA, keep the reserve dollar and make it work, then he will be the 1st person in recorded history to make it work.

The sad part is:

 I don't think this is what most americians wanted to happen, as they gradually see the longer term effects play out with the rest of the world. Lost markets and higher prices are about to become a very important factor in a lot of pocket books and bank accts. assuming very many have much in the bank. Do you know how many of the so called unemployed folks, who now have a job [call it what you want] Some like to brag about this number,  but really, do you know how much a lot of these newly employed people take home in a weekly pay check.

I was in your country recently, and had an opportunity to talk to these folks and it is hard for these people to make ends meet, even if they do have a job, in a factory. A new factory needs good paying jobs. Some do get paid well but the average wage stats tell us a lot make a lot less than you and me.

Golly, if you travel any place outside the USA and mention Trumps name you would be surprised how toxic his name is for the folks on the street.

And this is mostly world wide. The more we see of Trumps ego and bully tactics the worse it gets.

How will the treasury print up a few billion out of thin air, for the military, if the USD losses reserve status. You think it can't happen?? You could be wrong, as the world works to find ways to avoid the USD.

This can't be good..

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