Election line Ups/wait time
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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 6, 2018, 10:40 a.m.

I read about lines of up to 3 hrs to vote in advance voting.

Is this just a head line grabber with most voting booths much shorter?? Where I vote, assuming I miss the last minute rush, I can count on just walking in, going through the usual ID process, being handed a ballot and taking my choice of a dozen empty booths. Then hand in my ballot and out. The entire process takes no more than 10 minutes from entry to exit of the building The last 1/2 hr might see up to a dozen [no more] waiting in line. I know because I have been a poll captain and spent the entire day in the building checking off names and getting out the vote. A good share of the time we had nobody or just one person in the building.

If I saw a line up out the door or down the street or even thought that might be the situation, no way would I stand in line to vote. I can think of lots of other things to do than stand in line. But, you folks seem to be used to waiting in line. I notice your check out lines at stores are a lesson of patience, waiting in line to pay for your purchase. In our country if there is more than 3 people waiting, a phone call goes out for more cashier people to handle the wait time. If not, we will go down the street and buy some place else

I don't think I would be voting if I lived in your country and the line ups I see are really true.

Why not have more voting places according to population. People have things to do, rather than waste time standing in line like cattle waiting for the milk parlour.

Of course those line ups could be cherry picked and it is not all that bad a wait to vote. Any more than 15 minutes in and out and I don't vote

By mcfarm - Nov. 6, 2018, 6:28 p.m.
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wayne, It took me 2 hours to vote here in Indiana. That is in a rural red area. It seems there were many similar long lines across the red states that Trump won and the former blue ones Hillary thought she had won....seems like we might of heard the hypocrite Joe Donelly's name for the last time here ....I sure hope...he was an awful human being and senator