Dershowitz on the Russia Investigation
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Started by GunterK - Nov. 30, 2018, 10:51 p.m.

provoking new crimes, rather than uncovering past crimes is Mueller's m.o.

By metmike - Dec. 1, 2018, 6:44 a.m.
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That was the best article on this investigation from a well respected, objective source to date.

By mojo - Dec. 1, 2018, 7:26 a.m.
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As the walls close in around the president this week, there’s been a detectable shift in the way that Trump and his protectors in both the right-wing media and the Republican Party have defended him. The pretense of innocence is slipping away and in its place is rising a new excuse: Donald Trump and his associates are and should be above the law.

By carlberky - Dec. 1, 2018, 7:55 a.m.
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"We must, of course, wait for the publication of the Mueller report before reaching any final judgments,"

Are crimes to be ignored, even if unrelated to the investigation?  Yes, the prosecutor squeeze is nasty, but a powerful tool to uncovering the truth. 

If collusion is not a crime for the Trump family, then they can take the wind out of Mueller's sails by admitting it.

By joj - Dec. 1, 2018, 8:53 a.m.
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I love the way the goal posts keep moving.

"There is no collusion."


"What's wrong with collusion?"

Really?  Have we sunk that low that such a discovery is not an absolute political death sentence?

Sure it is not a crime and probably couldn't be proven unless we get video tape of Trump scheming with Putin.

Are Trump supporters really naive enough to think Trump didn't know about the meeting with the Russians?  Good grief!!

If we learn that Trump has been laundering Russian money for decades (that one IS a crime) are Trump supporters ok with that?  Really!  I want to hear the answer to that one.  I can hear it now.  "Yeah but that was a collateral discovery to the main mission of investigating Russian interference."

One last question.  How many years did Ken Star investigate Clinton to discover that he lied about getting a BJ from an intern?  My recollection is that all these Trump apologists were hunky dory with that investigation.

By joj - Dec. 2, 2018, 9:05 a.m.
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I never get answers to my straight forward questions to Trump supporters (apologists).

Will you defend Trump if Muller's findings include money laundering (a crime) for the Russians for decades preceding his presidency?

By mojo - Dec. 2, 2018, 9:55 a.m.
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