It's more important to be morally right than factually correct..
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Started by TimNew - Jan. 8, 2019, 11:25 a.m.

The latest gem from AOC and not at all dissimilar to things I have heard from many on the left over the years.  Another great example of flawed thinking.

1st, without the facts,  you can't make a moral judgment.

2nd, it appears to me morality for the left is largely a subjective "feelings of the moment" kind of concept.


By metmike - Jan. 8, 2019, 12:40 p.m.
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Saving the planet and all of its creatures from catastrophic, man made global warming has always been the moral high ground.

The fact is, the last 40 years have featured the best weather/climate for most life on this planet(including polar bears) in the last 1,000 years.........the last time that it was this warm during the Medieval WARM period. 

Why do you suppose that it was called the Medieval Warm period?

People that make these points, like me are labelled deniers because "the science is settled" and the gate keepers often refuse deniers a place at the discussion/debate table because we are supposedly only intent on confusing people and sabotaging their effort to save the planet. 

You have all read the compelling skeptics case, via my posts using nothing but  many dozens of authentic data/facts.  

In science, empirical data/facts ALWAYS win. In politics(which human caused climate change is about)..........not so.