Five things to watch for in restricted Mueller report
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Started by metmike - April 13, 2019, 7:16 p.m.

"Attorney General William Barr is expected to release a restricted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report sometime next week, leaving Washington on edge with questions about its contents.

Barr already laid out what he described as Mueller’s bottom-line conclusions in a four-page letter, saying the special counsel did not find evidence to establish that members of the Trump campaign coordinated or conspired with the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election.

Barr also said Mueller did not come to a conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice. However, the attorney general reviewed the evidence and found it insufficient to accuse Trump of obstruction."

"The president and his Republican allies have taken a three-week victory lap, while Mueller’s bottom-line conclusions left liberals who were hungering for a Russian conspiracy charge disappointed."

"It’s unclear how much the release of Mueller’s report will change the dynamic.  

While Barr’s letter says the report will not lay bare evidence to charge a criminal conspiracy between Trump associates and Russia, it will undoubtedly dredge up old controversies, such as the Trump Tower meeting, and could provide new fodder for critics of the president.

Trump is already pleased with his new attorney general, particularly after Barr said this week he would be reviewing whether there was “improper surveillance” on members of the Trump campaign and suggested the campaign was spied on."

"But the tides could change if the report yields negative headlines for the president."

By carlberky - April 13, 2019, 10:31 p.m.
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There are so many Trump investigations going on, I suspect that there will be a vast amount of redactions because of the on-going investigations. Then the Dems will demand an unredacted version, leading to battle stations.