comey interviews
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Started by mcfarm - May 12, 2019, 7:52 a.m.

jut what is up with all the comey interviews? Can he really be so stupid d to believe some of the bull that comes out of hi mouth. Is it purely CYA time? I suppose his gigantic ego is a large part of the reason after all he set himself up a the one and only person who was gong to cure every ill in America right up to and including exonerating guilty people and trying to convict innocents and turning over free elections. I would think CNN and some of the other places he has gone are looking to cover their rears also and invite him, he is then so thin as to think his star still shines. Quite a bunch we had with comey, brennan, clapper, stryuck, page, and company.....might be hundreds more just like them

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