Was a sitting President not nominated for a 2nd term?
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Started by carlberky - July 5, 2019, 5:24 p.m.


It only happened once to an elected president. That was Franklin Pierce, the 14th president, who was elected as a Democrat in 1852. His pro-Southern sentiments and his policy of failing to lead on the divisive issue of slavery badly hurt his standing with the voters. Especially damaging was his support for the pro-slavery Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which backfired on him as Kansas was overrun by pro-slavery forces, mostly from the slave state of Missouri. 

The events angered Northerners everywhere and helped lead to the creation of the Republican Party. When Democratic delegates gathered in Cincinnati for their convention in 1856, it was clear that they had had enough of Pierce. James Buchanan, who had been defeated by Pierce for the nomination four years earlier, won the nomination on the 17th ballot.

By metmike - July 5, 2019, 7:13 p.m.
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Thanks Carl!

Along the same lines, there were 5 presidents that ran for a 2nd term and lost in the election.

5 Presidents Who Couldn't Secure a Second Term


  The Bottom Line  

"Presidents that serve during times of turmoil, especially when it comes to a domestic recession or difficult economic environment, usually have a difficult time winning re-election. At other times, the presidents above were simply unable to make their marks on history and capture enough popularity to win a second term in office."

metmike: The dynamics with trump are unprecedented/off the charts and can't be compared with any previous presidents, other than disapproval ratings but even there, the intensity of peoples feelings for and against Trump are greatly magnified compared to most previous presidents. 

With the economy doing this well, previous presidents would have been re elected, probably by a landslide in most cases but Trump has a penchant for being his own worst enemy at times.


Trump's economy is the Democrats' disaster

"The creation of 224,000 new jobs in June further consolidates President Trump's economic stewardship. Beating expectations, those job numbers give Trump the central plank of his reelection campaign. 


They also cause Democrats a big problem, fundamentally undercutting Democratic Party assertions that Trump's economy only serves the rich and powerful. When Democratic presidential aspirants say Trump is ignoring the middle class, Trump can point to stellar job and stable income growth. When Democrats say that massive new social welfare programs are needed, Trump can warn against breaking an economy that is clearly working. 

          The data is clear. The unemployment rate for adult men and women stands at 3.3%, 6.0% for blacks, and 4.3% for Hispanics. Those statistics far exceed metrics in France, the economic model that Democrats want to introduce into the U.S. 

And as more Americans feel the benefits of this economy, more voters will come to regard Democratic complaints about Trump's economy for what they are: delusional."


By metmike - July 5, 2019, 7:23 p.m.
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Recently, the position by some democrats and MSM to neuter Trumps massive economic successes for working class Americans is to claim that this economy was gifted to him by Obama/Biden............and he's ruining it.

As the Washington Examiner stated in the previous article, this is "delusional" but as we've seen the past 2.5 years, people that hate Trump WANT to and WILL believe bad things about him regardless of the authentic facts and not believe good things about him.