Crop Conditions
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Started by wglassfo - July 9, 2019, 8:31 p.m.

I have been following some Ag forums and other AG information sources

I may not have a good picture of the entire crop. I doubt very many folks do have that much information


I am seeing pics of a lot of yellow and short [boot high] corn, that folks say looks okay. Maybe this year it is as good as it gets, but have we forgotten what corn should look like at this time of yr??? Who cultivates corn in July. It should be way too tall to even attempt to side dress, let alone cultivate, for those who still do..

IMHO: Any corn that is not at least knee high and/or have the rows filled in by this time of yr is not good corn.  Seems to me what some folks are calling good corn, simply is not good corn. Yes there may be pockets in the field of good corn, but every 10 acres out of 100 equals 10% of poor corn

Am I the only person that thinks we have much below trend yield coming or am I too finicky

Our corn is all knee high, or better except one very wet field planted late. It will be knee high and have rows filled in by 1st of next week

I just don't see how anybody can say boot high corn has any hope of yielding much of anything

I know different places have different frost dates, pollination times etc. but golly

If frost is late then we might get some more total corn production, but one has to assume a normal frost date until it isn't

I thought our corn was late [it is] but golly, our corn looks positively excellent compared to a lot of acres in the corn belt. Yes some will be excellent, [better than our corn] but the bad stuff looks to me to be more than the good corn and by a lot of acres, if you ask me

Just drown outs and wet feet plus PP will take a toll on production

Add in the acres and acres of boot high corn


We have a train wreck coming. USDA can print what ever they want, % of good to excellent etc

A picture is a 1000 words and it doesn't look good to me

We have people holding old crop in the bin to sell in 2020, if they did not get enough planted to fill the bins with this yrs crop. Trust me, in Ontario that will be most of the corn farmers, that will not fill their bins with new crop corn

I am not even sure if we will fill our bins, with new crop corn, and we have as good, maybe not better, than anybody I have seen

Neighbour got stuck 3 times planting a field beside us , but his corn will yield more than our field. Looks like planting in the mud paid dividends so far this yr.

We are getting dry again, probably due to shallow roots. Tiles still running so moisture is available, but heat takes a toll. Can't have everything perfect, as hard as we try

Anybody else seeing boot high and yellow corn in any amount of acres or am I just too hard to please

Maybe different places are different, and I have backyarditis but boot high or yellow corn "here" will not mature and yield anything close to potential

I must say I have seen some pics of excellent corn. with very high yield potential. Just doesn't seem to be enough of that excellent corn, compared to yrs past

But, in yrs past we grew too many bu. of corn .


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