Hope for the aging ?
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Started by carlberky - July 11, 2019, 1:13 p.m.


Immune cells can storm into the brains of older mice, where these normally helpful cells seem to be up to no good. The result, described July 3 in Nature, raises the possibility that immune cells may have a role in aging.

In the brains of mice, killer T cells churn out a compound called interferon-gamma. This molecule might be responsible for the falling birthrate of new nerve cells that comes with old age, experiments on mice’s stem cells in dishes suggest. 

The results come amid a debate over whether human brains continue to make new nerve cells as adults. If so, then therapies that shut T cells out of the brain might help keep nerve cell production rates high, even into old age — a renewal that might stave off some of the mental decline that comes with aging.

By metmike - July 11, 2019, 7:04 p.m.
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From what I can tell carl, you are doing a pretty good job at staving off mental decline as you approach the ripe old age of 89.

I'm guessing that in 30 years, they will have new science that treats brain deterioration from all sorts of issues which will allow brains to function almost as well at 90 as how they did at 60. 

Bodies will probably  wear out and suffer from old age at a slower rate too but I think part of this is peoples life style. 

There will never be drugs or treatments that can offset damage from smoking and alcohol/drug abuse and in most cases, being over weight or not exercising.

Genetics plays a major role in diseases and life expectancy. Altering genes would seem to have the most massive potential to completely change people's future medical conditions.