Green Deal Cost
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Started by wglassfo - Sept. 5, 2019, 7:25 p.m.

As you know Canada is a partner in the agreement to save the planet by joining this green thing.

[What ever it is we agreed to???] nobody asked me

This is a couple examples of what this agreement has cost us thus far

Pump gas: An extra 4 plus cents/litre rising to 11 plus cents/litre. My truck uses approx 50 litres/week unless we have to travel any distance for parts etc. 

So that will be on average, conservativly approx 2.00/week rising to 5.00 plus when fully implemented. Not so much that most people would notice

But here is something most people will not pay

We just happened to get our LP tank filled for corn harvest drying, today. Trying to beat the price increase for LP

 Our 1st LP bill included 550.00 extra tax for green.  What???

We will normally fill 4 times in a season, this yr with wetter June planted corn we would expect an extra fill

So: If this yr. was an average 4 fills we will pay 2200.00 for LP green tax. Based on the pump gas tax we will pay 6600.00 minimum plus when fully implemented

You can see the average consumer does not pay so much but higher energy users will pay much more

And you have candidates that want electric cars??? green this and that. Who will pay the bill??? We did not tax the rich. Must not be enough rich people in Canada. So we tax everybody.

Just so you know what kind of expenses we are paying, you can make your own decision

What the heck. There are lots of reasons to vote Dem if energy taxes don't affect your choice. If you think 10.00, 20.00 or a bit more is what you will pay, then green taxes are of no concern to you

We didn't have a choice We just got the bill handed to us

You still have a choice

You can think about how your country will pay the green tax bill, if you vote Dem

Actually I hope you do vote Dem

Even if you don't the 25 - 40 yr old voting block will carry the Dem vote, but that, save the planet vote, has already been discussed

Then your green tax bill will be more like us and that is only fair


By metmike - Sept. 5, 2019, 11:35 p.m.
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"Actually I hope you do vote Dem

Then your green tax bill will be more like us and that is only fair


The United Nations and countries in the Climate Accord think that too  but only rich countries should be penalized.

Didn't you know. CO2 emissions from rich countries has magical properties that heat the atmosphere.

CO2 from poor countries like China and India, doesn't  heat the atmosphere, so they can emit with impunity until the magical year 2030, when we will find out if the rich country's saved the planet or not by applying the principles of the Green New Deal.

If we haven't adopted the terms of the Green New Deal, then..................they do what they have been doing for the last 20 years, yet another time.

They move the climate emergency goal posts to another year, maybe 2040 and try to scare us even more by telling us that its even worse than they thought(hard to imagine how the escalation to maximum scare this time,  losing the planet and it being irreversible in 2030 can be topped but maybe the sun will blow up and all the planets will be lost(-:

What is likely is this:

The democrats win the White House and enough power to control congress and do pass economy killing Green New Deal measures.

After this happens, along with US socialism and global socialism locked in place with a bunch of brainwashed people believing everything that the government tells them, will suddenly tell the truth about the planet.

Look everybody, the planet is greening up and its because of the Green New Deal!  We saved the planet but need to keep this going.

I'm not joking.