Basic Income
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Started by wglassfo - Sept. 8, 2019, 9:43 p.m.

Is a bassic income of 1000.00/month to everybody over the age of 18 a good idea??

No means test as the income tax will claw back much of the inequality of have and have not recieving a basic income

This is in addition to any social support programs presently administrated

No need to have a minimum wage as employers will be forced to compete for workers and provide pay incentives to find workers

If coffee and a hamburg, at the greasy spoon, cost 10.00 so be it. Everybody is on the same competiton level for labour, and eliminate the minimum wage arguement..

If people want hamburgs then price according to cost.

If it cost 20.00/hr to find a hamburg flipper, so be it.

If too expensive then cook your own hamburg, or brown bag your lunch.

1000.00/month has to stimulate the economy

The Fed wants 2% inflation so what a perfect way to get there.

If 2% is good then 3% is better

Then maybe you tight wads will pay me a better int rate return on my conservative GIC bank certificates., as a booming economy will let the Fed increase the int rate.

What you think

Currently the Fed thinks they have to lwer int rates as the economy goes into recssion. If you don't see recession then you haven't been paying attention to the bond market. Man: what a bubble. That bond market will become a hot potato but I digress.

Just because a Dem candidate supports the idea does not mean the idea is bad

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