This day in history October 2, 2019
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Read and learn about history. Pick out a good one!

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Thurgood Marshall

"Marshall was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 2, 1908. He was descended from enslaved peoples on both sides of his family.[2][3] His original name was Thoroughgood, but he shortened it to Thurgood.[2] His father, William Canfield Marshall, worked as a railroad porter, and his mother Norma Arica (Williams), as a teacher; they instilled in him an appreciation for the United States Constitution and the rule of law.[4][5]

Marshall first learned how to debate from his father, who took Marshall and his brother to watch court cases; they would later debate what they had seen. The family also debated current events after dinner. Marshall said that although his father never told him to become a lawyer, he "turned me into one. He did it by teaching me to argue, by challenging my logic on every point, by making me prove every statement I made."

Thoroughgood........what an odd  first name.