How important is election fund raising
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Started by wglassfo - Nov. 2, 2019, 3:08 a.m.

Just wonderingg how important you think fund raising might be to the eventual Democratic contender to face Trump in the 2020 election

You may be interested in the following

Of the 9 Democratic contenders who have released 3rd quarter fund raising amounts

Bernie Sanders leads with 25.3 million

Elizabeth Warreeen              24.6 million

Surprisingly Mayor Pete Buttiging was a strong 3rd  [I forget his actual amount as this old brain can only remeber so much]

I did not find any info for Biden [perhaps he has not released his numbers as of yet]

The rest of the nine were distant and small amounts compared to the front runners

Trump and the RNC have raised a whooping 125 million but this might be their total so far, ]which could be misleading as I did not look for any more info] but is a significant amount of money, no matter what

Of all the Dems Joe Biden still shows the highest chances  of winning and beating Trump according to most polls, although almost all polls are showing Trump making significant gains against any and all Dem with one poll showing Trump polling higher than any Dem

I forget the polling name but it was the only one who predicted Trump as the winner in 2016, so they must know a thing or two.

Money is important but does Warreen for example need more money than Sanders for example, or if relatively close does a small amount of more money for the people who do the organization and number of the ground troops play an important part of who wins

I know when I helped, the two places most of money was spent was in mass advertising and the telephone banks

Golly those people on the telephone have to be dedicated as it is the most boring and un-rewarding job of all. You really need your rejection defenses at top speed, as the re-action over the telephone can  be brutal. I don't know if the money is worth the abuse you take, but one the other hand your friends on the telephone can be wonderful

How important do you think money can be to election hopefulls

I think money is  the most important ingredient, assuming you have a competative candidate, and the money is used wisely. Knowing where to spend your money and the people resources is where your top dog really earn their money

That is MHO

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