This day in history November 28, 2019-Happy Thanksgiving!
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Started by metmike - Nov. 28, 2019, 1:50 p.m.

Read about history. Pick a gobbling good one out for us and post it.

1520 – An expedition under the command of Ferdinand Magellan passes through the Strait of Magellan.

1785 – The first Treaty of Hopewell is signed, by which the United States acknowledges Cherokee lands in what is now East Tennessee.

1861American Civil War: The Confederate States of America accept a rival state government's pronouncement that declares Missouri to be the 12th state of the Confederacy.

1895 – The first American automobile race takes place over the 54 miles from Chicago's Jackson Park to Evanston, Illinois. Frank Duryea wins in approximately 10 hours.

1925 – The Grand Ole Opry begins broadcasting in Nashville, Tennessee, as the WSM Barn Dance.

By wglassfo - Nov. 28, 2019, 5:59 p.m.
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I read with interest the Grand Ole Opry beginnging broadcast on this day in [1925???]

No matter the actual yr, when our family was young, my wife and her sister family used to pile into a 4 door pick up [yes they had 4 door PU back then] with a towed RV trailer with 5 kids all in the RV trailer, during Easter school break as my sister-in law taught public school

We left Fri nite drove all nite and arrived in Nashville some time next morning and camped out at a camp ground. Unhooked the truck and road  around Nashville with the kids in the open back

This allowed our kids freedom to move around while travelling, sleep when they wanted or stay up late. And of course riding in the back of an open truck was so exciting with the older hanging on to a couple younger children. Of course we would be thrown in jail today, but back then nobody batted an eye

Of course we all like country music and had tickets for the Saturday nite show, finally deciding the front row in the balcony was our preference. Then the next day a trip around Opry Land to see the various musicals was a must. One yr it was so cold I walked around with a quilt wrapped around my body. Other yrs it was usually spring time temps as would be back home and very pleasant from the snow we left back home. We often remarked the talent in Opry land was as good as the live Saturday Nite special but these people simply did not have a record to their name. Most were individual state champions that performed as a group on stage through out the park

One note of interest

Elvis Presly, who in my estimation is the purest vocalist ever, at least up until today. He could sing a variety of songs. My wife and myself even visited Grace Land which was open to the public [house, grounds, private plane] after he passed away. It was dated but you could see he lived an ordinary life as much as possible given his legions of fans and constant number of people surrounding him, both for security and his band which sort of came and went

Any how: back to my Elvis story

Elvis performed once and only once at the Ryman and after the show was asked to go back home and become a truck driver. 2 weeks later Elvis signed with a competitor radio station for 52 one nite performances and the rest of his career is history. At the time he had only one recorded song, but of course he went on to record many more

Opry lost a true legend but the people were not ready for his body gyrations at the time. Of course his many female fans loved him and coupled with his vocals etc. he had the whole package to become famous

Finally as our families grew up and had other interests we stopped our annual pilgrimage to Opry Land or the Grand Ole Opry. We could never decide which was the more interesting. Opry land is no longer there and there has been a lot of commercial development. I can remember when just down the road it was still pasture land.

Today I don't like the performers as much as I did many yrs ago, but maybe I am showing my age

By metmike - Nov. 29, 2019, 2:08 p.m.
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You mentioned your age Wayne.

Some people consider it impolite to ask this and I wouldn't if you were female but am pretty sure you will not be old are you?

I'm 63.

I will guess that you are just a bit older than me.