How to make the world a better place November 30, 2019
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Donate to clean water charities

A large portion of the world is without fresh drinking water. Educate yourself about the drought epidemic, and make the world a better place by donating to organizations and charities helping to fight against the lack of clean water around the globe. Your donation could result in the reduction of preventable, water-related diseases.

7 Water Organizations You Should Know


Clean water as a right, not a privilege

Clean water has become one of our most precious resources in the 21st century, in fact one in nine people live without access to clean and drinkable water.

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In an effort to change that statistic, we have compiled a list of seven organizations, ranging from nonprofits to good doing companies, who are on a mission to ensure that everyone has drinkable water. Feel free to tell us about other water organizations who are guaranteeing that clean water isn’t a privilege


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