Quote of the Day, November 30, 2019-Forgiveness
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Started by metmike - Nov. 30, 2019, 5:56 p.m.

One of the greatest motivations for forgiveness is knowing that it's you who will be the primary beneficiary when you do it. Forgiveness is for you.       

By metmike - Nov. 30, 2019, 6:02 p.m.
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Barbara J. Hunt is an author, facilitator, coach, and forgiveness specialist. She has many years' experience in transformational change and leadership training and is a co-founder of Leading Beyond Ego. Her private practice serves individuals and groups nationally and internationally, both on-line and in person. She is also one of the core team of therapists at Vital Detox, a deliberately developmental organisation and the UK's leading health retreat specialising in emotional and physical wellbeing.

                                                                                    Forgiveness Made Easy: The Revolutionary Guide to Moving Beyond Your Past and Truly Letting Go Paperback                                  
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                 Why Forgiveness Is Like Brexit                       
                                                                                 Forgiveness is a bit like the European Brexit movement: no-one really knows how to articulate exactly what it is, or is sure of everything it might involve, including what the consequences might be. We’re not really clear who’s going to benefit, or what it will cost in real terms, or how to do it successfully. We're afraid we might end up worse off, but we don't really know how it will be afterwards.

Unfortunately, I have nothing useful to offer about Brexit, but much of my interest                                                                
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            Blog post                            
                     The FIVE Best Reasons To Forgive (that most people don’t know)                       
                                                                                     Human beings have evolved with the capacity for both revenge and forgiveness. We might not always seek revenge, but we can also end up never forgiving certain people in our lives. Sometimes, forgiveness feels like the last thing we want to do.

    Many people don’t really know what forgiveness is and most people think it’s something that it isn’t - like letting people off the hook. Research has also shown that even when people believe forgiveness is important, they don’t know where to start.