Mexican drug cartels
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Started by wglassfo - Dec. 1, 2019, 9:47 a.m.

14 pick up trucks riding around a small town shooting up the mayors office. 10 dead

Trump wants to classify Mexican drug cartel members as terrorists

I posted before on this and I think Trump needs some support

Mexico says they can handle the situation and co-operation with the USA is all they want

Well: I don't know what co-operation means but Barr is traveling to Mexico

Mexico hasn't been able to control the violence, in the past, so what makes anybody think now will be different

I don't know why Trump want drug cartels classified as terrorists

Does that give him more power to act or does that allow him to go where the problem is, such as on foreign soil

I dunno. You might want to answer that question

What ever:

If Trump thinks going after the drug cartel in Mexico will do any good,  then more poweer to him and hoping for some success

We all know the drug trade is so lucrative that drug lords can hire endless numbers of mercenaries

14 pick ups filled with people and guns is serious

Mexico was forced to release the son of a drug lord. Now what does that say about Mexico ability to fight the drug lords, when the drug lords dictate the terms

Now if a drug lord has that much power over law enforcement in Mexico, does that look as if they can handle the situation??

Give Trump the support he needs and here is hoping he can make a difference

The time has come to cross the border and chase. capture/kill the drug lords with some serious military power, no matter if Mexico likes it or not. SA should be on the list of places to go.

Like the military has satellites that can pin point the centre of operations and then launch an all out take down. Get some heavy, armoured equipment in there and get serious. There are helicoptors that can move tanks by air into a fight so what is the problem. The army can move what ever heavy equipent is needed, by air

Lets get the job done until nobody wants to risk being a drug lord, even if the death toll of the bad guys is in the 1000's. Eventually the drug traffic will move else where, but this is a fight worth fighting, much more than fighting over a sand pit in the ME

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