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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 9, 2020, 1:43 a.m.

Not sure if this is TR

Can anybody see silver as a good investment

I don't intend to trade but buy phjysical and hold, thus my TR mis-givings

However it is traded, thus somebody might have some insight

I see silver has not made such gains as gold has

Does silver and gold usually rise and fall in tandem

I thought so but am not sure, so now I ask

I am considering buying 100 1 oz Maple Leaf siver coins

I know I will pay a premium over spot price but???

Not a big purchase but my gold and siver bars are mostly useless if we ever get to a barter economy [who wants a 100 oz bar of silver or even 1 oz bar of gold]

i oz silver coins would be much easier to barter

I am not sure how I could barter physical corn in my bins so I thought of gold and silver. I can eat only so much Johny cake and have no livestock although I could buy some

The reason is this Iran deal

China wants to buy Iranian oil

Russia, china have always wanted to destroy the reserve dollar

The USA sees itself losing control of the oil, and the Petro dollar in the ME and along with it the reserve dollar

It's complicated and probably will not happen

But if we have hyper inflation, maybe oil at 200-300/barrel [Hi Richard] or who knows

Actually oil would have to go much higher to have really serious inflation and/or recession

But golly the world freight numbers keep on getting worse and worse, which must mean some thing

Berksire is sitting on some 100 million or so of cash. Why is that. That guy usually comes out on top

Maybe my gold and silver would come in handy

Worse comes to worst I could buy some cheap stks or I could look the fool with no dividend on a market going up

My wife is going to buy bank stks so we shall see

Re: Silver
By bear - Jan. 9, 2020, 10:03 a.m.
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i prefer 120 year old morgans.  it is not a matter of whether we get hyperinflation any time soon.  

here is the basic issue.  in my car, the dollar value of that coin will basically be worth enough to buy a tank of  gas.  it does not matter what the price of oil is.  whether oil is 50, or 100, or 200, or 300 bucks,  that coin will still be worth a tank of gas.  

or if the banking system collapses, you can still go find a farmers market, and trade that coin for a pile of vegetables.

if you have money in a silver etf,  then maybe sell at 50, and hope it drops back down to 25,  as a trade.  i don't think we go blasting past 50 until the second half of this century.