Staged Hypocrisy
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Started by Vandenplas - Dec. 23, 2017, 8:39 a.m.

That ceremonial puppet show where Trump trotted out congressman after congressman to heap  praise on Trump himself was one of the most sickening displays of egotism I have ever witnessed.

And I don't blame Trump one bit for the show.

The hypocrisy displayed by our elected representatives, who lined up on the steps  standing there smiling clapping their hands and giving credit for Trump's leadership for the tax bill defies everything this country stands for--integrity, courage, honesty, dependability and goodness.    The  tax bill will line the pockets of many of the representatives themselves, notably those senators and reps who trashed Trump just days and weeks and months  earlier.  Trump bought them, just like Putin bought his oligarchs.

It is too bad Roy lost in Alabami.  He may have been our last hope to expose the true nature of what is left of my republican party.  


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