XI and his enforcers
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Started by wglassfo - Feb. 12, 2020, 6 a.m.

I read this on Zero Hedge so go have a look

Got me to thinking a bit

Seems as best I can undersstand, in the early days of the chinese virus cover up, nobody wanted to report anything for reasons unknown to us except that doctor that was punished so there is a good reason

I know nutting, I see nutting

Then the army and law enforcement was asked to enforce quarantines on certain cities, provinces etc.

Except nobody told them the possible danger. They could be infected with some kind of virus that nobody really told them much about

So: When law enforcement and army folks started showing up at hospitals with a fever, what the heck is going on

Then they found out and I suspect they were none too pleased with being quarantined with fellow sick folks and the discontent becomes uncontrolable, or at least this is what I think could or might happen So I know Xi has probably a million army types but if the fear spreads, then a million is a lot of angry people who don't like Xi so much. And guess who has the guns??

So what does Xi do if his enforcement types don't/won't follow orders for fear of the virus

Yes, I suppose a few get shot, then a few might die of the virus and then the folks with the guns begin to wonder which is worse

Getting shot or the virus

If I was Xi I might wonder who my protectors are and how loyal they are

Wouldn't be the 1st time a royal got the poison wine, or a snipers bullet

Just speculating on a great story

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