Trump Tax Returns
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Started by wglassfo - May 12, 2020, 11:14 a.m.

I seee the question of Trumps tax returns will appear before the Supreme court

!st: I am amazed the supreme court even took the case is this is as much political as case law, which case law may not have been decided. But to involve  politics in a Supreme  Court decision seems a bit much

However, if the supreme court decides against Trump then why not open up the records of Bidden currently under seal. One could argue the decision to seal Bidens records was a political decision

If I was Trump I would ask for Budens records if the decision is against him

Problem is Biden records would probably never reach the Supreme Court before Nov 20

By metmike - May 14, 2020, 12:41 a.m.
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"One could argue the decision to seal Bidens records was a political decision"

There are 2 places that have Bidens records.

Neither will be made available to us.

1. Senate records that Biden pretended to not know that we could not access those as he insisted that we look there.

2. His records at Univ of Delaware records that he donated, he says that nothing would be in there, so he won't release them, even though he can.

Either he  and his handlers are really dumb for not releasing the records and guys like me will have bs meters going off in our heads, wondering why he would not clear himself with documentation.

Or there is something in there that he doesn't want us to see.

This is not like Trumps tax records. Trump isn't accused of breaking a tax law and their is no evidence of that.

Biden is accused of a crime from what looks like a wacky lady but she has some major cooberating on Larry King show and several people confirm her telling this story to them in the past. 

Trumps tax records will embarrass him, like those of Mitt Romney did in 2012.

Biden records will either clear him or show that something happened. No show of the records means he is choosing to NOT clear himself.

Why would he choose to NOT clear himself?