Trump’s taking hydroxychloroquine
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Started by metmike - May 18, 2020, 7:30 p.m.

Trump’s stunning claim that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine could trigger a cascade of negative effects

It also reinforces a pattern of endorsing dangerous actions

"The first is that Trump’s focus on hydroxychloroquine has always been anecdotal, spurred by reports from Fox News anchors and their guests or other individuals who claim positive effects from the drug. As The Washington Post has reported, those unscientific assessments conflict with observed effects from the use of the drug in clinical trials, where the effectiveness of it in treating covid-19 has been limited and “a significantly increased risk of death for certain patients.” (This, of course, is what patients have to lose: their lives.)"

metmke: Now there's an objective news report (-:

There don't seem to be any good scientific based studies that support the use of this drug to treat the coronavirus and Trump telling us that he's taking it was a bad idea.....I think. Not necessarily him taking it being bad but him telling us to obviously let us know that he really is the sort of guy that does what he says that he's going to do and really does believe in it enough to take it himself.

But this takes it to another level in the battle between him and the MSM over this drug. The Washington Post suggesting that patients have their lives to lose is bs. Maybe the anecdotel reports of it working as a preventitive measure will turn out as being significant at some point but clearly, it's never going to get objective reporting in a way that people get reliable information. One side wants to promote it, the other side treat it like its a drug that can kill you. 

Many millions have taken this drug safely for decades..........for malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

It effectively reduces inflammation and very effectively kills the parasite in malaria without many major side effects. 

Probably other people will want to take it because Trump is but

1. They will need a doctors prescription and him authorizing it.

2. They will not be risking their lives. If they have inflammation or arthritis, they will see improvements in that condition. I have a severe auto immune disease and have been taking a high dose of steroids and NSAIDS for 3 decades. I would definately consider taking hydroxychloroquine. 

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