Trump signs order with prison for defacing monuments
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Started by metmike - June 26, 2020, 7:59 p.m.

Like I've been saying, we are in the early stages of a cultural revolution.

One objective is to remove/destroy statues and monuments that honor those from the previous culture.

We are on an inevitable path marching towards global and US socialism. No question. If we got rid of everybody over 50, it would come immediately.

It's just a matter of rapidly ticking time before the older people die out and lose control and their system is replaced by the younger generation. Unless somebody discovers the fountain of youth or how to revive dead people from the grave, there is no stopping it.

I've already accepted it and though I strongly reject the science of the fake climate crisis(we are having a climate optimum for life on this greening planet) I see many benefits for the majority of less fortunate people on this planet by more fairly balancing the wealth. Not the brightest outlook for a rich country like the US, spoiled with the highest quality of life but we have more than we need and can afford to give some of it up.

My issue is those SOB's hijacking my field of expertise atmospheric science to brainwash people with junk science and make them dumber and to greatly elevate fear and anxiety in order to trick and manipulate them.

Regardless of wealth disparities, everybody, rich and poor deserve truth and authentic science, along with freedoms to choose based on it,  from sources that are trying to accomplish their altruistic objectives.

Trump signs order promising ‘long prison terms’ for defacing monuments

By metmike - June 26, 2020, 8:07 p.m.
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metmike: It passed 12-0, so this was not just a few people with outlying/crazy ideas.

Minneapolis city council approves measure to abolish police force

The Minneapolis city council on Friday unanimously approved a measure to abolish the city’s police department — a radical proposal amid nationwide efforts by activists to defund local law enforcement bodies.

The 12-0 vote will not automatically dismantle the department, but is a first step in a long legislative process that will ultimately need popular support by city residents in a November election.

The proposal gained popularity among city council members amid widespread protests and riots in the city following the killing of George Floyd by a city police officer last month.

Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck until he lost consciousness and ultimately died, which was captured on video. Floyd’s killing touched off nationwide protests against police brutality and sparked efforts to defund or abolish police forces in cities across the country.

The vote to abolish the police force Friday will require amending the city’s charter. A draft amendment that was posted online suggests replacing the force with a “Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.”

The suggested department would consist of peace officers and ensure public safety through “a holistic, public health-oriented approach.”

City council members hoped to capitalize on grassroots support for abolishing the department amid the protests in the city and across the country ahead of the vote Friday.

“It is time to make structural change,” Council Member Steve Fletcher told The Associated Press before the vote. “It is time to start from scratch and reinvent what public safety looks like.”


The measure approved Friday kicked off a long legislative process before it is put in front of voters on a ballot in November.

The proposal will have to pass through a committee, then be reviewed by the city’s Charter Commission, then approved again by the entire city council by Aug. 21.

The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, does not support the proposal and has power to veto the measure.

By TimNew - June 27, 2020, 7:05 a.m.
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A few points.    

1.) World wide socialism will result in world wide poverty.  The only thing keeping this world afloat now are the capitalist nations.  Remove them, and everyone starves. We don't need more socialism, we need more capitalism.  No other system has lead more people out of poverty.  History leaves that statement indisputable,

2.)  I think the majority is getting a very close look at what this vocal minority of radicals have to say and want to do and I think it's providing an education  that does not benefit the radicals.

3.) Lot's of liberals are under 30.  I've been hearing the same argument for decades,  but a funny thing happens on the way to adulthood.   Many liberals seem to die off.  The current shenanigans aren't changing that one bit. Quite the contrary. 

By metmike - June 27, 2020, 11:18 a.m.
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"3.) Lot's of liberals are under 30.  I've been hearing the same argument for decades,  but a funny thing happens on the way to adulthood.   Many liberals seem to die off.  The current shenanigans aren't changing that one bit. Quite the contrary. "


Great point but this is much different. You are going to be shocked in the next several years at how things progress quickly in this direction if Biden is elected. I'm almost 100% certain of it being completed well before 2030.

The signs are becoming more obvious for everybody now but the average conservative has no idea what we are on the brink of because their belief system and experiences have them in denial from thinking that common sense, and practicality will overcome this craziness and we will revert back to the safety and productivity of capitalism and the way things were. 

I believe that this assault on law and order is giving Trump one last, long shot chance to win because its scaring the small % of people on the fence more than Trump scares them but the writing is on the wall with regards to our future.

I keep coming back to the fraudulent Paris Climate Accord as the quintessential example of my case. Almost everybody thinks its entirely about climate. Almost everybody thinks that we are having a climate crisis. Even people that read my stuff PROVING we are having a climate optimum(best weather/climate in the last 1,000 years for life on this greening planet), will still think we are having a climate crisis and that CO2 is pollution, when CO2 is an entirely beneficial gas which is massively greening up the planet and feeding an extra billion people.

The Climate Accord has very little to do with climate or authentic science. The UN created the IPCC as the worlds authority on climate over 3 decades ago. Every country gets its climate info from their regular reports. The IPCC is a political entity!  I, stands for Intergovernmental. One of the first things that they did is rewrite climate history to take out the Medieval Warm Period 1,000 years ago to make us think that THIS warming was much greater than that warming and unprecedented. 

The Holocene Climate Optimum that lasted thousands of years from 9,000 to 5,000 years ago was 2 deg WARMER than this in the high latitudes and known by all of legit science  as an OPTIMUM. 

These are rock solid, authentic science and  facts................but they just DO NOT MATTER!

The politics have already won out and the train left the station long ago, when the United Nations came up with their brilliant scheme for the cultural revolution which includes big economic and political changes.

Clear thinking people, that understand the rediculous nature of what Greta's says and her personal ignorance(well intended) are puzzled at how she can be Time's person of the year, 2nd for the Nobel Peace Prize(Gore won it in 2007 for this, Obama in 2009 for this before he could even do anything). How she was the main speaker at the UNITED NATIONS last fall. Is featured as a climate cult high priestess, that has recruited tens of millions of young people to the fake climate crisis. 

You and others laugh/brush it off because its so preposterous. People will eventually wake up and come out of the brainwash based on climate/weather propaganda  and go back to rational thinking and science. 

We are well past that Tim. Long past it ever possibly going back. Every country but 2 signed the climate accord in 2015. Every business in the world is developing their future around the use of carbon free emissions. Almost every kid growing up is taught that CO2=pollution and humans are destroying the planet because of climate change that comes from burning fossil fuels.

Near ZERO are being taught that the benefits to the warming have been 10 times the negatives. When I spoke to a large group of 5th graders on weather/climate change 3 years ago and told them about the planet greening up, thanks to the irrefutable law of photosynthesis and the key role of CO2, one of the science teacher's mouth dropped open(figuratively). Afterwards she said "Wow, I never heard that before!"

At this point in my post, you are probably thinking "just another climate post by metmike" and will file it in the same storage place in your brain but still not recognize the profound meaning. 

The meaning is that we are all living in a manufactured reality that has already taken over, is being taught to all kids, dominates future industry decisions, is reinforced by our main sources/MSM and one party and is entirely political and not scientific and is entirely designed to accomplish the cultural revolution and shift to socialism.......which absolutely includes the concept of sustainable development..............under which, the US, by definition must cut back on its unsustainable consumption of natural resources. 

You are still thinking we can go back when people find out the truth and exercise their freedom to choose(the old way or capitalism and the old culture)

Exactly where will that truth come from Tim? Fox news? 

Even Fox viewers have kids  being taught at school what the rest of the MSM is teaching. College professors are 90% liberal and teaching principles that solidify the brainwash. 

Once you think that you know something,  even if you're wrong, its almost impossible to convince you of the truth.

In this case, sources of the truth are being crushed.............called deniers, and  shunned, as the gatekeepers want, like Holocaust deniers.

The manufactured realities, in this day, when taught as the mainstream view by the gatekeepers become THE actual realities in most peoples minds. 

As an atmospheric scientist, I am fortunate enough to have observed and analyzed global weather/climate on a daily basis for 38 years-loved every minute!  I don't need to get my information from the gatekeeper in media land on this topic. I have all the data, going back to studies about our climate before humans were around.

On this topic, I can say irrefutably that the actual climate science and biology that has been manufactured and taught are NOT the same as what I have observed and studied as an atmospheric scientist. 

Basically, they have completely ignored all the wonderful things that life is experiencing because of the increase in CO2 and the slight beneficial warming..............and massively exaggerated speculative  bad things that might happen based on computer simulations going out 100 years.......that have been wrong about many things the last 3+ decades.

However, what matters is what has been taught and we have long ago reached the point of no return with society accepting the climate crisis and the changes to come because of it as we impose them.

You're position is based on people educating themselves or figuring out the truth.

This is why hijacking climate science was brilliant and worked so well. How many hours this year has the average person spent independently, objectively analyzing climate science from an educated enough viewpoint to interpret the data accurately?

People will get almost 100% of what they know on this from the MSM and gatekeepers of information based on what they WANT people to think and know. 

Trust me, it's been my life for the past 20+ years. Almost everybodys opinion is based on this. 

My wife, has numerous times said to me "how do you know if maybe they are all correct and you're the one that's completely wrong about climate change?"

I am always willing to adjust based on authentic data, if somebody has that data.

But I have spent much of my life acquiring the relevant data. The the data. The difference between me and them is that I USE THE DATA and observations of what is really going on. 

They use wild exaggerations, sensationalism and speculation about a theory using very busted computer models programmed to show a crisis.

But you wouldn't know the difference when its presented to you because you and the rest of the world are not atmospheric scientists. 

So then, ask yourself how insane it is to think that they would go to such an extreme to teach junk science on a global scale, with almost everybody on board and trick people into thinking there is a climate crisis?

For almost everybody, that's just preposterous. It just couldn't happen in todays world.

Not only can just did and with the planet greening up and life never doing better during this climate optimum,  ask yourself why they would do it?

Powerful political agenda as I described and its well on its way to being accomplished.   This is way bigger than what you are imagining. 

By metmike - June 27, 2020, 11:33 a.m.
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Additional discussions on this:

Sweden: Replace King Charles XII with statue of Greta


I would love to get comments/opinions for others.

By TimNew - June 27, 2020, 11:48 a.m.
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Things are certainly moving in the direction you describe,  but society is like a pendulum,  or actually several pendulums, rarely moving in the same direction or at the same speed.  And when one moves too far in one direction, basic physics take over and the pendulum begins moving n the other direction. History makes the analogy to social dynamics work.

The masses can be complacent, even apathetic when things are basically working and the world basically makes sense.  More and more, they look at the news and think "WFT!!".   It's a large part of the reason Trump was elected. A significant portion of the electorate screamed "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'm NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!!".  Now they see things like Seattle and think "Yeah,  we need more of that"..   Ok,  I'm being sarcastic.  I suspect the vast majority are thinking "WTF!!"..

It's difficult, if not impossible to speak for the majority of US Citizens,  but I truly believe the vast majority are not that different,  don't think that differently than me. We may have different ideas on how to get things done,  but we mostly want the same things.  And the current direction does not meet that criteria.