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Started by mcfarm - July 29, 2020, 10:30 a.m.

Has been tons of talk about science since this virus set in. Who is right? Who is wrong? who has bias? Who just looks at the data? But by and large what do scientists do? They look to disprove what other scientists have put forth. Difficult enough but add in indviual bias and what mother nature can do to a specific theory and we have problems. Probems so large apparently we can suspend our very constitution. They virus we will survive. The scientists who mock mother nature we will survive. Suspending our constitution we will not survive.

By metmike - July 29, 2020, 9:35 p.m.
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Sadly, science is very corrupted.Ri

Since this paper below was published, some of the biggest reasons for corrupt science have come from political agenda. 

Climate science has been so blatantly corrupted that it reads more like science fiction instead of authentic science based on observations and empirical data. 

With COVID, the protesting that is massively spreading the disease to many areas, its a huge cover up. No reporting of cases that came from the protests..........none(as if millions of people smashed together during the last 2 months, somehow were not a significant spreading source..........while the increasing new case numbers are exactly the protesting age and race.

Why is there no evidence? Because scientists have agreed that their studies to determine how people got the virus would/will NOT ask people if they were at a protest(s).


Name one case in the news of somebody that got COVID at a protest. Millions of people, some with no masks with no social distancing  but nobody got COVID.  Millions of people that got COVID but none of them got it at a protest. 

2 months of COVID rates skyrocketing higher, exactly after the protests started.........but none of it came from protesting. 

California, one of the worst hit states with COVID rates soaring higher, did not open up like most other states but they did have more protesting than any other states............but there is no data to show the protesting caused the rates to go higher.

Intensive contact tracing of positive cases to determine where they were.......except don't ask them if they were at a protest. 

If you don't gather data about COVID and protesting, you don't have data on COVID and protesting and you can say there is no evidence of protesting causing COVID. This is so blatantly corrupt for political agenda that its pathetic.

COVID is the most important thing to have happened to us in our life time.\

Having as much comprehensive, RELIABLE information as possible to manage our country and manage our lives and make the best decisions has never been more important.............and one side is totally using it for political agenda.

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

Hundreds of Bayside High grads asked to quarantine after COVID-19 case linked to graduation

"The letter initially stated families should isolate any students who participated in the ceremony, but Stremmel said the advisory applied to anyone who was present at the event, which took place outdoors on Bayside High's football field.

"We are advising anyone who attended the graduation ceremony to self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms for 14 days," she said.

The school district had previously announced safety measures for all high school graduations to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, including mandatory masks and spaced seating to promote social distancing. Physical contact between students and staff and all indoor activities were prohibited."

metmike: So they continue with widespread contact tracing around the country, after identifying individuals and what activities they were involved in so that those that may have been close enough to them to be exposed, can be advised to  self-quarantine.

Millions of people testing positive in the last  2 months that were part of many thousands of activities, similar to this one(but mostly much smaller #'s) where they tried to use the data to reign in the spread. 

But the activity that the most amount of people participated in large groups together in was protesting. Literally millions. Unlike this event in Florida, protesters did NOT practice social distancing.......and some people at protests di  NOT wear masks.

So out of the millions of people testing positive for COVID(with young adults and black numbers soaring higher) and the millions of people at protests, how many news stories have we heard about people testing positive, then contact tracing indicating they were recently at a protest with COVID?

I can't find even 1 story.  I can find some stories that say there is no evidence that protesting is spreading COVID and that the data is not there but how can this be if we have massive, massive DETAILED contact tracing data about everything else with many of these people but the activity  that featured way more people than any other activity..........NOTHING. No data.

Because its absolutely intentional:

COVID-19 patients aren’t asked whether they participated in protests, doctor says

NYC’s COVID-19 contact tracing will ask about outdoor dining, not protests

Dr. S. Patrick Kachur, a professor at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, defended the city’s position about leaving demonstrations out of tracing questions.

“Asking about protests might alienate some people — and it might not generate that much useful information.


“What would you do if knew someone was standing out in the Barclay’s Center for hours? Would you ask literally everybody to come in? So, they took some reasonable steps – trying to ascertain this information could compromise our ability to establish the trust that we need,” Kachur explained.

But a former associate commissioner for the federal Food and Drug Administration slammed the approach.

“When President Trump says if we stop testing we’ll have fewer cases, the Mayor calls out the hypocrisy,” Peter Pitts said.

“When we can’t explain the uptick in our fair city’s COVID-19 infection rates among the 20-29 age group — and we aren’t asking if they’ve attended a Black Lives Matter protest, that’s called hypocrisy too. Wake up, Your honor. Closing your eyes and covering your ears won’t change the facts,” Pitts said.

Dr. Jake Deutsch, co-founder of Cure Urgent Care that’s tested over 5,000 patients for COVID-19, agreed that the tracing corps should ask about protests.

“The purpose of contact tracing is you’re trying to identify sources of where the infections are occurring, so I think you ask about gatherings whether it’s bars, protests, schools, churches. The question shouldn’t just stop with, ‘Were you in a restaurant?’ You’d have to be much inclusive. And trying to predict that [bars are] the source of the problem I think that’s a pretty impossible presumption given the fact that it’s a highly contagious virus,” Deutsch said."

metmike: And we continue to be told there is no evidence or lack of data to tell us whether COVID is being spread at protests...........and the study above, by design will tell us everywhere that COVID came from........except for protests.

By metmike - July 29, 2020, 10:01 p.m.
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Same political bs going on with hydroxychloroquine!

The MSM uses people's hate for Trump and their cognitive bias to believe anything and everything that might be bad for Trump...........even  manufactured/fake narratives 

                Trump touts HCQ again and wacko doc who promotes it            

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                Started by pj - July 28, 2020, 10:49 p.m.    

And  bad science is being used as a vehicle to accomplish this.