about those "frontline doctors" and their cure for Covid19
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Started by GunterK - Aug. 3, 2020, 1:39 p.m.

Disclosure: I am not a doctor.

When one expert tells me one thing, and another expert tells me another thing, then it’s time for me to start thinking and do some research on the internet… after all, this is the “Information Age”.

A big ruckus was recently made about a group of “frontline doctors”, and their press release.

I posted about this subject, under the title “to HCQ or not to HCQ”. Since I made this post, I gained new insight.

In case you missed all the excitement… a few days ago, a group of ‘frontline doctors” held a conference, and afterwards briefed the press.

In the past, we have seen other doctors show their opposition to our response to the Covid19 pandemic, and then their videos disappeared sooner or later. (youtube decides which doctor we are allowed to listen to)

However, I have never seen anything like the reaction to the “frontline doctors” press release video. This video clip was quickly erased from all the social media sites. Not only that, but social media members who had praised or recommended this video, were actually punished by their social media platforms. Then the doctors were painted as quacks ( their resumes are available on the internet). People who talked about the video were ridiculed.

Of course, the worst thing about this video was that Trump liked it.

But why the swift and extreme response? It looked like this video had caused a panic among some players in the medical field!

I wondered… why? Why shouldn’t we hear from other doctors telling us about their experiences with this virus?

Obviously, “they” (whoever “they” are) did not want us to see this video.

The video is long gone by now. However, I was able to download the transcript of the whole video. This enabled me to carefully study what was said… and now, I believe, I have a better understanding.

The main subject of these doctors’ presentation was to give testimony to the fact that they (in addition to many other doctors around the world) have actually cured hundreds, if not thousands, of Covid19 patients, using a cocktail of drugs, centered around HCQ.

This is in stark contrast to Dr Fauci’s comments on the use of this drug. (One of the doctors even explained why Dr Fauci’s NIH failed to duplicate their success).

Not surprisingly, these doctors are in favor of reopening of businesses and schools. This is nothing new… other doctors have done so before. All this does not explain the panicky effort to keep this video from us.

But then I came across one comment in that transcript… one comment that I had missed, when I first saw the video.

These doctors have successfully used this medication as a tool to prevent catching Covid19.


In other words, it works like a vaccine, although within a shorter time frame.

You must remember, team Bill Gates/Fauci have continuously pounded us with fear, with never-ending lockdowns, never-ending misery and poverty… creating a “new normal” for us, until they, our saviors, are able to give us their long-awaited vaccine, including surveillance chips, etc.

A multi-billion dollar jack-pot for them! (the financial connections between Gates, the NIH and Moderna have already been discussed in previous posts)

Now, you have a group of doctors who say, you don’t need to wait for a vaccine…a few HCQ pills (plus the other components ) will keep you protected for a while. And they can back their claims with facts.

Should this knowledge spread around, there won’t be many takers for the already controversial (and feared ) Gates vaccine.

For me, this does not mean to be careless. I still use the mask and I try not to mingle with large crowds. However, when I drive by boarded-up businesses, I think of the millions of people driven into poverty, not just by a virus, but also by the financial interests of certain groups, aided by heartless politicians.

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