no fans at the Indy 500...really?
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Started by mcfarm - Aug. 4, 2020, 4:22 p.m.

so this is what has been so damn maddening about this entire covid debate. Here we have a governor and mayor and a health department so politicized that it took them months and several decisions to finally cancel the little common man out again. If there is one place in America where "social distancing" would work it would be at a race track that holds 500,000 people that offered to limit its attendance to 25%. Now comes the 3 blind mice who say they were in bed sleeping as our town burned with looters, riots, looting, robbing and raping and not 1 word about the damn virus until the common guy just wants to go to a race, with masks at 25%. Any here who do not see and admit the politics of this should be banned immediately for stupidity if nothing else.  This bunch of hypocrisy had better stop and stop quickly before the inevitable happens....the little guys finally say enough is enough and take this country back, with force or otherwise

Speaking of the elites did you hear that all the special people who were at the Lewis funeral were allowed to travel back to DC without the 14 day quarantine all of us have to do. Just more hypocrisy. Its maddening

By wglassfo - Aug. 5, 2020, 10:14 a.m.
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Perhaps that BLM protestor in Missori who defeated the Dem machine which held power for what [father and son for how long?? I forget]

I have no back ground on the Bush lady who won the primary, but maybe she is one of the little people

I hope her political goals are sensible, and a blow to incumbents every where