Accurate election results impossible
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Started by wglassfo - Sept. 7, 2020, 9:27 a.m.

We can add accurate election results to the fair election results. What a mess this election will be

Video camera has just captured video of multiple bags of USA mail bags being dumped in an alley. Further investigation by police uncovered another dump of USA postal bags in a  different location about a mile away

Investigations are on going as to who my have dumped the mail bags, but that doesn't mean this won't continue

This is proof positive that the election results will be tainted no matter who is declared the official winner

We already know that law suits will be many and the end result will always be in question

A tainted election used to be considered, only in banana countries and dictatorship etc.

The USA does not have dictatorship in the usual sense of the actions by one man with checks and balances guarding against such actions. But when elections are not fair and square, will the people accept the end result?? then the country is in a down ward spiral of possible revolution in many different forms. Riots in the streets could be considered revolution of which I have posted as one possibility

I never considered elections to be an issue but it seems to me that this election will be what finally causes the USA to tip into chaos all across the country, even in small town america or wealthy districts in the city. No place will be safe from possible looting and burning in the future

This why Trump must win and use Federal powers to stop this madness

Biden is too soft on the left and their agenda of destroying america. Biden would not be as willing to stop the destruction of the nation. Just think of all the property and jobs lost with a Bidden win. Plus Biden's foreign policy is weak, he will raise taxes to pay the carbon tax and so many other things in his  101 page agenda that destruction is the only way to describe a Biden win. Hopefully this does not happen, because if you go down for the count, so does our country

By mcfarm - Sept. 7, 2020, 9:41 a.m.
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what you posted is the truth. So sad dems would burn it all down for power and are everyday in the process.

By TimNew - Sept. 7, 2020, 11:35 a.m.
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I'm not too concerned about widespread rioting.   It happens in democrat strongholds because they allow,  even encourage it.  But let BLM and/or ANTIFA come to my neighborhood and try that.  In fact,  I dare them to.   But I suspect they know better.

By metmike - Sept. 7, 2020, 3:06 p.m.
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In the current political climate here in 2020, it's nearly impossible to get an expert unbiased source on this topic. 

Actually, there are probably some but its impossible to know if they are unbiased and experts.

So I went back 3 years, to a time before this became so hyper political (Trump in 2020 is concerned about the reliability of mail in voting, that means everybody else from the MSM and dems have to tell us the opposite)

The article below tells us why, no it's not reliable and its not the post office responsible for many of the problems.

Voting by mail grows in popularity – but is it reliable?

In 27 states, voters now can choose to vote by mail. But unlike votes cast in person, many absentee ballots wind up uncounted, for reasons ranging from invalid signatures to simply being late. Experts say the method is also vulnerable to fraud.  December 21, 2017

Nationwide, roughly 24 percent of all votes in the 2016 presidential election were cast via absentee ballots. That’s 33 million votes, according to the federal Election Assistance Commission. But what many Americans don’t know is that nearly 400,000 of those ballots were never counted, having been disqualified for reasons ranging from invalid signatures to simply being late.

While 400,000 votes may not make a difference in a landslide, most elections don’t end in a landslide. For example, the 2000 presidential election was decided in Florida by 537 votes. In a close race every vote can make a difference. That is particularly so, election experts say, in down-ballot races at the state and local level during low turnout elections.

Like the 55 ballots in Virginia’s 28th District, absentee ballots sent through the mail depend on the reliability of the US Postal Service. If absentee ballots are lost in the mail or delivered late, they won’t count.

But even if they are received on time, such ballots might be disqualified because the voter forgot to sign the mailing envelope or because officials determine that the voter’s signature wasn’t a close enough match to the signature on file in the voter registration database.

Critics of mail-in voting also raise the specter of fraud.

In-person voter fraud at a polling place is difficult to accomplish and rare, according to election experts. In contrast, absentee voting presents a significantly easier opportunity for someone looking to rig an election.About these ads

“It is true there isn’t yet a good case of large-scale fraud where someone got hold of hundreds of thousands of ballots and then cast them on behalf of people who aren’t the actual voters,” says Professor Gaines. “But it is plainly not a desirable situation to have loose ballots that are unaccounted for, in the sense that they are out there and could be cast.”

Roughly 20 percent of the 41.6 million absentee ballots sent out to voters in the 2016 presidential election were never returned. That’s nearly 8.3 million ballots sloshing around in a sea of junk mail during election season. In addition, 583,000 of those ballots were returned to election officials by the Post Office marked as undeliverable.

“It is just creating huge holes in the system everywhere,” says Gentry Lange, a Seattle real estate broker and director of the No Vote By Mail Project.

With such a large number of un-voted ballots, it is remarkable that there aren’t more absentee ballot fraud cases, some experts say. But there are some.

Among recent examples is one in St. Louis, Mo., where federal agents are investigating suspected fraud related to the 2016 Democratic Primary for the District 78 seat in the state’s General Assembly.

The contest was between incumbent Penny Hubbard and Bruce Franks Jr., a young activist.

Mr. Franks won the votes cast in person at polling locations by 53 percent to 47 percent. But Ms. Hubbard won among absentee ballot voters 78 percent to 22 percent.

Hubbard’s margin of victory was 90 votes. The discrepancy drew the attention of a lawyer for Franks, who challenged the absentee ballots.

The local election board had counted as valid 142 absentee ballots that had not been submitted in sealed envelopes. Sealed envelopes are required under Missouri election law for absentee ballots to be counted as valid. A state judge ruled the board was not authorized to waive the sealed envelope requirement. The judge ordered a new election.

In the resulting special election, Franks won in a landslide with a 1,500-vote margin, garnering 86 percent of votes to 14 percent for Hubbard. The incumbent still won the majority of absentee ballots – 56 percent. But there were only 164 absentee ballots cast."

metmike: Crystal clearly there are many problems with absentee/mail in voting. Those that say otherwise are either in denial,  are politically motivated or don't know the facts. In a very close election, there is no doubt that the losing side could be able to use this as a legit reason to question the results. 

By wglassfo - Sept. 7, 2020, 3:14 p.m.
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Hi Tim

Your community may be different and I hope it is.

The problem has been established that you can not defend some one else's property if you do harm to Antifa or???

I assume your community has an agreement that one for all sort of defensive actions. which is as it should be.

But it has been established that Karma Harris is willing to post bail for Antifa and other criminals, but the Judge my not grant you bail as you may have caused bodily harm and thus should be held with out bail. In other words you may be guilty in the eyes of the court whilst others are not

You may have a fair minded judicial system in your community, thus you can defend yourself with force if necessary

It is a sorry state of affairs when your only solution may be the use of force or the threat of force to protect your community

You may have different options available which is in your favour and I applaud your willingness and your community to take defensive actions

Good for you Tim

Somebody has to stand up to Antifa etc and push back

By TimNew - Sept. 7, 2020, 6:41 p.m.
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My community reflects the majority of communities in this country outside of the dem hellholes.  That's why these spoiled brats stick to the dem hellholes.  But if they are stupid enough to come here,  there will be a lot fewer of them.  We defend our property and families. Always have, always will. And the law enforcement/courts will back us.

Additional note:   I am well armed here, and I have a few fire extinguishers too.    I hope I never have to use either,  but I will use them with no hesitation should the need arise.  I am well trained in the use of both.  

By metmike - Sept. 7, 2020, 8:23 p.m.
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I used this source for the article above as it appears to be neutral(actually slight left bias).

Christian Science Monitor media bias rating is Center.


The Christian Science Monitor has maintained its reputation within the news industry as a well-run, high quality news organization with minimal bias. Rather than narrowing its focus like much of current mainstream media, its primary aim is to provide fair and in-depth analyses from multiple perspectives, seeking to provide meaningful instead of sensational news. 

In December of 2013, the AllSides community overwhelmingly agreed that the Christian Science Monitor has a Center media bias rating by more than a 3 to 1 ratio. As of May 2016, The Christian Science Monitor’s AllSides media bias rating remained the same, despite a small majority of nearly 2,500 community members disagreeing with our Center rating. Seventy of those who disagreed produced an average bias score of 62 in a follow-up survey, which barely falls in the range of a Lean Left media bias, not enough to change its rating from Center.