Using Covid as a excuse
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Started by jmk - Oct. 13, 2020, 7:03 p.m.

Saw a pundit on TV talking about whoever has the bigger turnout will win the election. Found my self yelling at TV saying no you idiot there wont be a turnout due to covid excuse. I really think if everyone had to go to the polls and vote like normal Trump would win. However since every pajama boy and girl can sit in their moms basement and check a box on a piece of paper and then mail it in using covid as a excuse then Biden will win.

While I am on a rant have any of you had to stay at a hotel lately? I always like to stay where I can get a hot breakfast. Not anymore using covid as a excuse all you will get is prepackaged breakfast sandwich. Now I can understand why they wouldn't want  you digging into food on a line but why couldnt the same guy that hands you the sandwich dish up hot food from  what you want from the line? You still are in line with people.   My fear is people will get used to this kind of behavior and it will never go back to normal as in my opinion to many businesses will keep this up after covid is over.                                    

By metmike - Oct. 15, 2020, 11:52 a.m.
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Thanks jmk!

Here's a book and several people's view on this topic, not necessarily dealing with the election but I decided to put it here.

I'm also not completely agreeing with everything in the book but here it is:

William M. Briggs


Statistician to the Stars!


15 October 2020

The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe — Coronavirus Update XXXV