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Started by GunterK - Oct. 27, 2020, 2:15 p.m.

Subject: Climate Science

I believe, I can speak for many others on this forum

The education we have received on this forum is priceless.

If it wasn’t for the tireless efforts of metmike to educate us about this subject, I would be totally convinced that we were on an accelerating path to destruction. I would believe all the arguments made by the international community of so-called “climate scientists”. I would believe that Earth would turn into an uninhabitable planet like Venus, unless we acted right now

Reading all the climate-related posts on this forum enables me to confidently engage in a debate with any “climate alarmist”.

This confidence comes from the fact that metmike has backed all his arguments with factual data, while “climate alarmists” have attempted (and failed) to prove their predictions with computer models that were fed invalid input data.

It’s somewhat similar to saying “checkmate” to your opponent.

Thank you, metmike, for the tremendous job you have done teaching us.

In return, I am trying to teach others (especially the young ones) what I have learned here.

By metmike - Oct. 27, 2020, 4:12 p.m.
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You made my day Gunter!

I will be a guest on a new television show making its debut in November in North Dakota via "Zoom".

They plan a couple of interviews with me on climate change.

I'll post the shows after they are broadcast, the first one is scheduled for late next week.

My sister Patti, is one of the hosts and I was sharing some of my stuff for the show. She is really, really exited that they will be able to enlighten viewers with authentic information that nobody ever sees or reads.

Supposed climate deniers, like me...........atmospheric scientists with authentic empirical data have been censored and shunned and vilified by the gatekeepers of information.

They insisted that the science was settled over 15 years ago and the debate was over.

Well, they managed to shut down the debate(the scientific method is all about debate and discussion-if somebody is wrong-you prove they are wrong with data-you don't shut them down) but the science was not even close to being settled.

And the new things that some of us have been learning since then............and  sharing, are lining up more to support the case of a climate optimum and proving that those pushing the climate crisis are the real deniers...........of the authentic data.

Thanks again. Possibly my biggest reason to be here is this one.

It's more than just a political agenda using the hijacking of climate science that is going on. When people brainwash you with junk science/propaganda, they are literally STEALING YOUR INTELLIGENCE!.

Who wants to be made dumber by believing things that are not true?

We all have the right to the truth so that we can make informed decisions using our personal judgment of what is best for us and our country..............not based on the ideology of somebody that thinks that they know whats best for the world and consider themselves as being altruistic by tricking people that might not agree with them into supporting their great effort.