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Monday, February 22, 2021  

8:30 AM ET. January CFNAI Chicago Fed National Activity Index

                       NAI (previous 0.52)

                       NAI, 3-mo Moving Avg (previous 0.61)

10:00 AM ET. January Leading Indicators

                       Leading Index, M/M% (previous +0.3%)

                       Leading Index (previous 109.5)

                       Coincident Index, M/M% (previous +0.3%)

                       Lagging Index, M/M%  (previous +0.1%)

10:30 AM ET. February Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey

                       Business Activity (previous 7.0)

                       Mfg Production Idx (previous 4.6)

Tuesday, February 23, 2021  

7:45 AM ET. Weekly Chain Store Sales Index

8:55 AM ET. Johnson Redbook Retail Sales Index

                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, M/M% (previous -0.9%)

                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, Y/Y% (previous +2.4%)

                       Latest Wk, Y/Y% (previous +4.0%)

9:00 AM ET. 4th Quarter U.S. Quarterly House Price Index

9:00 AM ET. December U.S. Monthly House Price Index

9:00 AM ET. December S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices

                       10-City Idx, M/M% (previous +1.2%)

                       10-City Idx, Y/Y% (previous +8.8%)

                       20-City Idx, M/M% (previous +1.1%)

                       20-City Idx, Y/Y% (previous +9.1%)

                       National Idx, M/M% (previous +1.1%)

                       National Idx, Y/Y% (previous +9.5%)

10:00 AM ET. February Richmond Fed Business Activity Survey

                       Mfg Idx (previous 14)

                       Shipments Idx (previous 10

10:00 AM ET. February Consumer Confidence Index

                       Cons Conf Idx (previous 89.3)

                       Expectation Idx (previous 92.5)

                       Present Situation Idx (previous 84.4)

1:00 PM ET. January Money Stock Measures

4:30 PM ET. API Weekly Statistical Bulletin

                       Crude Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls) (previous -5.8M)

                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls) (previous +3.9M)

                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls) (previous -3.0M)

5:00 PM ET. SEC Closed Meeting

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 

7:00 AM ET. MBA Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey

                       Composite Idx (previous 892.6)

                       Composite Idx, W/W% (previous -5.1%)

                       Purchase Idx-SA (previous 299.5)

                       Purchase Idx-SA, W/W% (previous -6.1%)

                       Refinance Idx (previous 4337.0)

                       Refinance Idx, W/W% (previous -4.7%)

10:00 AM ET. January New Residential Sales

                       New Home Sales (previous 842K)

                       New Home Sales, M/M% (previous +1.6%)

                       New Home Sales Months Supply (previous 4.3)

10:30 AM ET. EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report

                       Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl) (previous 461.757M)

                       Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl) (previous -7.257M)

                       Gasoline Stocks (Bbl) (previous 257.084M)

                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl) (previous +0.672M)

                       Distillate Stocks (Bbl) (previous 157.684M)

                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl) (previous -3.422M)

                       Refinery Usage (previous 83.1%)

                       Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day) (previous 20.668M)

                       Total Prod Supplied, Net Chg (Bbl/day) (previous +0.485M)

Thursday, February 25, 2021 

8:30 AM ET. 4th Quarter 2nd estimate GDP

                       Annual Rate, Q/Q% (previous +4.0%)

                       Chain-Weighted Price Idx, Q/Q% (previous +2.0%)

                       Corporate Profits, Q/Q% (previous +36.1%)

                       PCE Price Idx, Q/Q% (previous +1.5%)

                       Purchase Price Idx, Q/Q% (previous +1.7%)

                       Real Final Sales, Q/Q% (previous +3.0%)

                       Core PCE Price Idx, Q/Q% (previous +1.4%)

                       Consumer Spending, Q/Q% (previous +2.5%)

8:30 AM ET. January Advance Report on Durable Goods

                       Durable Goods-SA, M/M% (previous +0.2%)

                       Dur Goods, Ex-Defense, M/M% (previous +0.5%)

                       Dur Goods, Ex-Transport, M/M% (previous +0.7%)

                       Orders: Cap Gds, Non-Def, Ex-Air, M/M% (previous +0.6%)


                       Shipments: Cap Gds, Non-Def, Ex-Air, M/M% (previous +0.5%)


8:30 AM ET. Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report - Initial Claims

                       Jobless Claims (previous 861K)

                       Jobless Claims, Net Chg (previous +13K)

                       Continuing Claims (previous 4494000)

                       Continuing Claims, Net Chg (previous -64K)

8:30 AM ET. U.S. Weekly Export Sales

                       Corn (Metric Tons)

                       Soybeans (Metric Tons)

                       Wheat (Metric Tons)

9:45 AM ET. Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index

10:00 AM ET. January Pending Home Sales Index

                       Pending Home Sales (previous 125.5)

                       Pending Home Sales Idx, M/M%  (previous -0.3%)

                       Pending Home Sales Idx , Y/Y% (previous +21.4%)

10:30 AM ET. EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report

                       Working Gas In Storage (Cbf) (previous 281B)

                       Working Gas In Storage, Net Chg (Cbf) (previous -237B)


11:00 AM ET. February Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Survey of Tenth District Manufacturing

                       Mfg Activity Idx (previous 22)

                       6-Mo Exp Prod Idx (previous 46)

                       Mfg Composite Idx (previous 17)

                       6-Mo Exp Composite Idx (previous 24)

4:30 PM ET. Federal Discount Window Borrowings

4:30 PM ET. Foreign Central Bank Holdings

4:30 PM ET. Money Stock Measures

Friday, February 26, 2021

8:30 AM ET. January Personal Income & Outlays

                       Personal Income, M/M% (previous +0.6%)

                       Consumer Spending, M/M% (previous -0.2%)

                       PCE Price Idx, M/M% (previous +0.4%)

                       PCE Price Idx, Y/Y%  (previous +1.3%)


                       PCE Core Price Idx, M/M% (previous +0.3%)

                       PCE Core Price Idx, Y/Y% (previous +1.5%)

8:30 AM ET. January Advance Economic Indicators Report

9:45 AM ET. February Chicago Business Barometer - ISM-Chicago Business Survey - Chicago PMI

                       PMI-Adj (previous 63.8)

10:00 AM ET. February University of Michigan Survey of Consumers – final

                       End-Mo Sentiment Idx (previous 79.0)

                       End-Mo Expectations Idx (previous 74.0)

                       12-Month Inflation Forecast (previous 3.0%)

                       5-Year Inflation Forecast (previous 2.7%)

                       End-Mo Current Idx (previous 86.7)

3:00 PM ET. January Agricultural Prices

                       Farm Prices, M/M% (previous +0.8%)

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