Happenigs near the Southern Border
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Started by GunterK - March 29, 2021, 11:23 p.m.

As most of you know, under Obama, the Border Patrol started the “catch and release” program. Arrested illegal aliens were released into the US, after they were given a document, which ordered them to appear in immigration court at a date, some 2-3 months into the future. Needless to say, most of them never showed up in court.

Trump figured out that this was absurd and made an agreement with Mexico. Under Trump’s rule, arrested border crossers were immediately sent back to Mexico, where the Mexican government put them into holding facilities. There, these immigrants could wait for word from the US immigration courts, regarding their standing.

Now, since Biden is in the WH, nobody is sent back to Mexico. Now, the US is facing a “tsunami” of illegal immigration, and the Border Patrol is so overwhelmed, they simply take down names and then let all of them enter the US.

(BTW, covid19 cases among these immigrants are 7 times higher than what we have in the US But that’s not the subject of this thread)

From an airport in Texas, it is now reported….

This person wanted to board a flight from Texas to Los Angeles. It was almost booked out, and he had to pay $1,000 for his ticket.

He said that a large group of ‘immigrants” were allowed to board the airplane first. 80%of the flight''s  passengers were from this group.These passengers did not have to wait in line and did not have to provide an ID.

When one of the female immigrants was engaged in a conversation (in Spanish), she showed an envelope she had been given. The envelope had a note attached to it that said ‘help me, I don’t speak English” and included $2,500. She was given strict instructions to say that she got this envelope from a friend. She had not received a summons to appear in Immigration Court.

It is my understanding that all of them had been given such an envelope.

I wonder, who would…..

The above taken from an article at the much disliked newswars.com… but it backs up the content with various twitter posts and videos


By GunterK - April 13, 2021, 8:38 p.m.
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again, I hate to say this.... and I know many will hate me for it.... but you will have no idea what goes on at our border, if you don't watch inforwars.com, or similar sites. The MSM will NOT keep you informed about this subject.

Yes, I know, infowars offers "consiracy theories" from time to time.... but you can't argue with actual videos.

Below is a video that shows 3 dozen pregnant illegals being moved in the mittlde of the night. We all know, once in the US, their babies will be US citizens, and their whole clan will then be allowed to join them.


you can watch some of the other videos in this link to get an idea what goes on down there.

There is a giant human smuggling operation going on.

By metmike - April 13, 2021, 9:43 p.m.
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Thanks much Gunter but you're going to need to help me out here.

Why is it that 3 dozen women, who have obviously been pregnant for several months is a scandal? 

Since they are being moved to the Catholic Charities,  just them and nobody else, it sure looks to me, with pretty high confidence that they are going to get special treatment because they are pregnant. What's your take?

I think this one totally backfired on you/Infowars because it shows humanitarian treatment that I agree with. 

On the other issue, we are being told about this mysterious $2,500  cash the illegal immigrants are getting/have but with the pix, we never see any cash. Are we supposed to imagine that there is $2,500 in the envelopes because Infowars put that idea in our heads?

If all these people are getting this cash, you would think that they could have at least 1 pix.

So we have 3 families that can't speak English traveling, with signs asking for help. We are told by the Infowars reporter that he spoke at length with one of the confused families and gave them directions. That was nice of him. However, if the huge deal is all about them being illegal immigrants from Central America and he spent this time talking with them............why in the world would a reporter covering this story not ask them the most important question of all


Maybe he forgot?

That's the whole point of the story, where they are from and he forgot to ask?

Both these stories presented as scandals just make no sense to me Gunter but maybe you can clear up what it is I'm supposed to be getting and am missing.

By GunterK - April 13, 2021, 11:18 p.m.
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several decades ago, I read that pregnant females in Mexico come across the US borders to have their babies here in the US  They could easily do so by getting a one-day travel or "work" permit. Once the mother has such a US baby-citizen, she can easily gain access to the US and then bring her whole family here.

Very few countries give foreign babies, born in that country, citizenship., unless at least one of the parents is a citizen of that country. In my personal opinion, the law about "anchor babies" should be abolished. (when I take my pregnant wife to China on a vacation, and she happens to give birth there, I don't consider my kid to be Chinese)

This ploy is not only used by people from South of the border... many pregnant women have traveled from Asia to the US, for the same purpose. They even have a name for it... "birth tourism"

In cases of "birth tourism", we were not dealing with illegal aliens. In those cases, the mother crossed the US border with legal papers and paid for her own travel expenses, as well as their medical expenses.

In the link of my post, we are not talking about "birth tourism"   Now we are dealing with pregnant illegal aliens. and they are coming in by the busloads. Now it is an organized business, run by human smugglers. There is nothing legitimate about it.

Since a church is involved in this business, does this make it a "humanitarian" enterprise?  I guess you could say that (even though they are enabling and assisting law-breakers). But, if you do, then you can call the whole issue about illegal aliens a humanitarian thing, because they all claim to escape from crime and poverty, and open the borders completely.

How many citizens of Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore could come up with similar complaints about poverty and crime? How about the many veterans, the women, the American children, who live on cardboard boxes in the park, while illegal aliens are given nice hotel rooms to stay?

I don't like it !!!.

By metmike - April 13, 2021, 11:42 p.m.
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OK thanks Gunter.

It just goes back to the same issue of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are crossing the border...............period.

With numbers that huge, and many of them being  women of child bearing age, one would think there would be up to thousands of women that are pregnant. 

Could they be using the system to get pregnant to have a baby in the US in order to increase their chances of staying? Sounds like they don't even need to do that but maybe thats happening. 

That would bother me but that probably represents a small fraction. Some of the parents are sending their children across the border while they stay home. What sort of parent would do this?

Somebody that wants a better life for their child?

Why did you have that child in the first place if you weren't planning to take on the responsibility of being a (good) parent?

To me, this seems like people dumping the responsibility of raising their unwanted and very costly kid(s) on somebody else, other than them.

I couldn't be poor enough to ever give away even 1 of my kids voluntarily. If the richest family in the world offered to give them the best education and wonderful benefits and opportunities that I couldn't but they had to live  at their house .................my love would still be numerous times greater than all of that combined.

To me, these are parents that don't understand true and unconditional love.......dumping their unwanted children on us. I have no doubt that there are hundreds of millions of children in families like this around the world.

Sad. We have some room for some of them but it must be done legally and in an organized, controlled fashion applying rules that make sense. This is in the best interest of everybody.  Allowing and enabling child smuggling is not good for the children either because it puts them at tremendous risk. Much better for them to stay with their bad parents in their bad country vs the US opening the flood gates to a very bad system that will never fix the real problems for the majority of people.....and only create/worsen the problem in the US.

By GunterK - April 14, 2021, 12:41 a.m.
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Thanks for your comments, metmike. I agree with much of what you said.

If I would look at an individual illegal alien, and listen to his story and his reasons for leaving his home and making the perilous journey across the desert, I would have compassion and feel sorry for him.

But then I read about male illegal aliens kidnapping children, or buying them, for the purpose of getting treated differently by the border patrol, I have to ask myself, what kind of parents would sell their child, and what kind of immigrant would use a child and ruin the child’s life, to serve his purpose.

However, in previous years, we had 2 kinds of people trying to enter…. “caravans” of asylum seekers (they were hoping to enter the US legally as refugees)… and the illegal aliens.

In previous years illegal aliens were people who individually attempted to cross the border. Now, they are coming in organized groups, organized by human smugglers. I have seen numerous videos of them coming across the Rio Grande in boats. Some of the human smugglers make a run at one point of the border, using a group of migrants as decoys, so that the border patrol is occupied at one location, while the cartel people bring their drugs across the border without being detected.

I have read about ranchers at the border being threatened by the migrants. Sometimes gunshots are heard during the night. Dead bodies have been found in the desert.

Many of us have seen the video, where the smugglers threw 2 toddlers over the tall Trump border fence (they survived the fall)

And most importantly….

The comments of Biden, and the lack of action of Kamala Harris, the newly appointed “border czar”, speak volumes to people around the world. The world now knows, our borders are open… anybody can come. Come legally and get all kinds of free stuff…. Come illegally, and its’ ok with us too.

In March, 170,000 illegal aliens were apprehended. Nobody knows how many made it through. Some politicians don’t like the term “invasion”. But, when you realize that the Allied Forces had 150,000 troops, when they ‘invaded” Normandie on D-Day, one must understand that we have an unacceptable situation. A nation without borders is not a nation.