80 billion for tax cheats
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Started by wglassfo - April 27, 2021, 7:26 p.m.

Biden wants to increase the IRS budget by 80 billion to have more man power to audit wealthy individual and corp tax returns

He also wants the power to close tax loop holes

All of which most people would support

Except Biden knows what he is talking about, as one loop hole he wants closed is the loop hole he used to funnel 13 billion through a tax loop hole [if my info is correct] and why would I trust my info???

Takes one to know one, send a thief to catch a thief and all kinds of stuff comes to mind

This IMHO is the most corrupt president you folks have ever elected 

Not that we are any better. I predict changes in our next election but who knows??

Do you blame folks for being a bit cynical??

The younger generation tunes out but why blame them. The younger generation does read the news and what do you think, they think, thus news reading is limited for the younger folks

The very people who will grow up not trusting any decisions by authority or will repeat lies that are repeated until people believe the lie

AArg I give up

By metmike - April 28, 2021, midnight
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Thanks Wayne!