Week in Review
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Started by TimNew - June 4, 2021, 11:19 a.m.

PMI Mfg M/MMay-2160.5062.10C+
PMI Svc M/MMay-2164.7070.40B-
ISM Mfg M/MMay-2160.7061.20C+
ISM Svc M/MMay-2162.7064.00C+
Dallas Fed Mfg M/MMay-2137.3034.90C
Factory Orders M/MApr-211.10-0.60C-
Construction Spending  M/MApr-210.200.20C
Employment Situation M/MMay-21266K559KB-
Redbook W/W5/29/202113.6013.00C
Jobless Claims W/W5/29/2021406K385.00C+

A good week over all

Factory Orders was a suprise in April, down.6.  Seems to contradict lots of other data.  I'm going with "lots of other data" for now.  Let's see what we see next month.

Construction Spending maintains steady, albeit subdued, growth. 

Dalls Fed Mfg settled a bit but remains at a very positive 34.9

RedBook remains at unseen levels.

ISM and PMI, both Mfg and Svc are stratospheric in spite of indications of bottlenecks in Labor and Material.  New Orders and Backlogs are through the roof. (Some of the "other data" I was talking about).  

Jobless Claims have finally returned to what I consider a high normal range. Great news, IMO.  

And Employment Situation was very positive at 559K, tho below the consensus of 650k. MFG added 23K jobs.  Some more of that "Other Data".

We are returning to "normal" baseline metrics.  Still too many not working,  but I am optimistic we'll be seeing improvment there.   I'll go with a conservative C+ for the week.  I could go higher,  but am remaining cautiously optimistic. Still too many wild cards to go with loftier ratings.   I am lowering the suck factor to a 4, and retiring it, at least for the tinme being.  That metric was required for the abnormal year we've had, but loses relevance as we return to normal. If the nation continues to open up, we'll be seeing very strong reports/metrics.

By metmike - June 4, 2021, 2:44 p.m.
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Thanks very much Tim!