The G7 meeting, and the origins of Covid19
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Started by GunterK - June 5, 2021, 11:51 p.m.

In a few days, the G7 will meet. One of the eagerly awaited discussions will be the issue of the origin of the Pandemic

The “brutal” headline in the link below, spells out what the Brits think about the meeting.

“Only Britain has the moral authority to confront this autocrat: In a savage indictment of America and others for sucking up to Beijing, former No 10 top adviser STEVE HILTON calls on PM to take the lead and speak for the world”

The article acknowledges the 2 chinese scientists who, in February 2020, wrote about their opinion that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab.  They were quickly shut down. “.,,, ‘fact-checkers’ labelled the ‘lab-leak theory’ as dangerous misinformation that must be suppressed.”

The article also addresses Dr Fauci’s “gain of function” research, which he had been openly engaged in for over a decade.

The author also points out the connection between Dr Fauci and the Wuhan lab. It says here that the Wuhan lab took these dangerous steps “……at the explicit request of the US Government. This took the form of research grants awarded by the NIAID”

Think about these words.. “ at the explicit request of the US Government”.    Doesn’t this statement put the US on the defendant’s seat?

The article does NOT mention the latest developments about the Pentagon being involved. (it’s like the layers of an onion being peeled away)

A while back, alleged leaked Chinese documents about a meeting in 2015, spoke of the Chinese military being involved in Wuhan’s experiments.

And just this week, we learned that the Pentagon has given huge sums of money to an organization headed by Dr Daszak (the one mentioned in the email scandal), and he then financed the research in the Wuhan Lab. He is apparently a more important player in this issue, than Dr Fauci

This means, it’s not just reckless scientists in both countries doing dangerous experiments jointly…. Now, with the Chinese and the US military being involved, this turns into a totally different ball game.

My personal opinion: if the US and Chinese military are working on this jointly, the G7 people can ask all the questions they want to ask… in the end, they will blame the bats.

By GunterK - June 6, 2021, 4:05 p.m.
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