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Started by wglassfo - June 7, 2021, 9:59 a.m.

MM If you want to add this to a previous thread fine by me

Any how I go to chatham once a week because of an insulin foot ulcer that needs medical attention once a week. We change the dressing daily at home the other 6 days Don't worry about the ulcer but I wanted to explain this post

I go past a major auto dealer every week

A month ago I stopped in and priced a new car. Then came home to our moisture deficient corn and decided to wait and see

Any how a month ago, they had a dozen new cars in the model I was looking at. This past week they had exactly 4 new cars of any model, one demo and then 2019 was the next newest. They don't know when new cars or trucks will arrive and are not buying very much at auction as the history is not what they want. They prefer to sell cars with a known maintenance record. So the lot looks maybe 1/3 full of used cars and 4 new cars. Trucks were hard to see and I did not see any on a drive by. This lot would hold 200 cars so 1/3 looked empty. In another town with used cars only, they looked older than normal. Most looked 10 yrs old or more, some 15 yrs old, so some body is looking for some thing. My grand son would settle for anything less than 150,000-200,000 miles and can't find very much that is not sold "as is" or the price is very high on a newer with safety check

SO; The question is??? Are new/used cars one more sign of broad based inflation or???

Is inflation transitory ??. Lumber reached a price and then buying backed off although still high


What will int rates do, stk market??? inflation affects a lot of things and the Fed reaction affects most of this stuff

The Fed says transitory inflation only

My view is permanent inflation. At least 4 % for the next 12 months. My reason is food, shelter,  pent up demand and higher energy prices are just some reasons we will have permanent inflation

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