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Started by mcfarm - June 10, 2021, 3:38 p.m.

look who is back and what cnn will  stoop to....MM can we now please and forever never compare cnn to fox

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By metmike - June 10, 2021, 5:49 p.m.
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I have no clue how that 9 second video of spilled corn on Twitter is supposed to mean that FOX is superior to CNN but since you are asking for something of me, here is my response based on objectivity and facts.

CNN WAS the most extreme BEFORE the election. Their programming was more often than not, featured some anti Trump narrative. They left no stone or spin unturned looking for creative ways to twist the news in order to get viewers to hate Trump. 

It was truly a violation of professional journalism ethics and abuse of the freedom of the press.

Since they accomplished their objective, which they were willing to anything to accomplish...........defeating Donald Trump, they have softened up a great deal and though they are extremely biased on politics(and treat the insurrection like it was 9-11 and still spend hours on many days with that as their top story), CNN no longer has the big lead in fake news between themselves and FOX.

FOX has become radicalized.

They spend a tremendous amount of time as a Donald Trump cheeleader(the politician that has done more harm to our country maybe 10 times more harm than any other politician in history>

They keep the Biden steal false narrative alive.

I'm no Fauci fan and he deceived us on several key issues but they make up crap about Fauci thats worse than........yes WORSE THAN the stuff that CNN made up on Trump(mixed in with the truth, so that you'll believe ALL OF IT).

The CNN Trump bashing stayed closer to the legit facts than the FOX Fauci bashing.

A year ago, I had to turn off CNN sometimes to keep the bs meter in my head from giving me a head ache.

Now, it's FOX that causes that.

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By metmike - June 10, 2021, 5:56 p.m.
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So no mcfarm, I can't help you with your biased request and am not sorry because that would be totally against my commitment as moderator. 

I am committed to the objective truth here.

You are always welcome to give your opinions though.

BTW, can you please tell me what that 9 second video of spilled corn was supposed to mean?

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By metmike - June 10, 2021, 6:25 p.m.
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They/FOX has been doing a MUCH, MUCH better job exposing some lies/telling us the truth but sadly, they mess it up by veering off the path of legit science and facts into the realm of conspiracy theories.

I give them credit above for exposing stuff that others called conspiracy theories, like the origin of the virus which is actually the truth.

But they get a failing grade on covering lockdowns....because it totally one sided and covers up the legit benefits.

Keep in mind, I KNOW that cloth masks don't protect you very well and we have been brainwashed to think otherwise and that lock down enforcing was abused and overkill  in many situations by the lockdowns saved millions of lives.

Anybody that thinks that if we just went about our business last year without lockdowns and let "herd immunity" do its thing we would have been better off is totally delusional and scientifically ignorant. 

Applying the lock downs was very subjective and political and they covered that very well.  Republican states had less lockdowns, democratic states more lockdowns.....but they both had beneficial lockdowns in the early stages.

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By metmike - June 10, 2021, 6:49 p.m.
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I should have added Biden/Harris bashing to the Fauci bashing.

No doubt you love hearing/watching the news told to you exactly the way that you want to hear it mcfarm.

But for me, one party doesn't have everything 100% exactly right and the other party is evil.

I believe strongly that  the reason for FOX to turn radical here is that their party lost the White House and political control of this country.

When you are in the drivers seat, like the democrats are right now, you stay with the plan and the people and the propaganda  that got you there.

The republicans just had that taken away from them and some are getting desperate on how to get it back.

You can take this one to the bank. Donald Trump was almost the entire reason for all the losses. Biden/Harris, being as weak as they are still beat Trump.

But the huge mistake of the republicans that are afraid of the tens of millions of voters with Trump deluded minds is that they want to double down on exactly the same strategy that got their arse's kicked.

If Trump ran for president today, I would bet my house that it would be a very ugly, landslide win for the democrats. Anybody letting Trump control them(like FOX) is doing the republicans more damage than the democrats are to the a wide margin.

You can cheer FOX all you want mcfarm but until they tell the truth about Trump and what he did to hurt this country.........and continues........with his 100% fake Biden steal they are hurting their own party. 

Trump is the biggest gift to the democrats since............since anytime in history!

By metmike - June 10, 2021, 6:58 p.m.
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Also, to help you to put this into proper perspective. 

After 3 years as moderator, show me something on this site that I have not been completely honest and as accurate as possible  about.

Weather, climate,  history, grains, natural gas, markets, science, quotes, data, news..........whatever it is.

You can decide in this thread, that I am suddenly NOT telling the truth after 3 years of doing my best to honor the truth at all times..... because you don't like the message.

But YOU brought it up and I am telling you as a friend the way it is.......not to prove that I'm right but to help you to see the objective truth.

Do with it what you want but know that its intended to HELP you.

By mcfarm - June 10, 2021, 8:19 p.m.
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we have been down this road before. And I think you are biased. You know as well as I do Fox has guests and commentators every week who criticize Trump, his family, his ethics all of it, every week, a few are on daily. Cnn has been low rent for years, this latest low rent trick of rehiring such low life is just the latest example. And to have that women set there and go thru what the pervert did on live zoom call is particularly low rent, not to mention her apologetic tone and questions. Cnn will learn some day when you take out the trash you do not bring the trash back into your and your families living room. If you think that behavior is fine and dandy go ahead and support it, just do not expect me to.

By metmike - June 10, 2021, 10:13 p.m.
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"I think you are biased."

Like I said mcfarm, you can do what you want with my stuff and call me biased for it if you want and  are also welcome to post your 100% negative everything that does not come the right stuff.

I do still enjoy watching FOX much of the time though, especially before the election. 

They are the only ones to be call out BLM and the Summer riots and the increasing crime rates in the inner cities and the horrible vilification of the group most committed to risk their lives to save black making our cities safe............for everybody.

Even more so for blacks though who live where the crime rates are higher............because their dark skinned comrades commit 6 times more violent crime than white folks. Which is the real issue causing almost all the problems with the conflicts, not systemic racism. 

The vast majority of  cops are hero's not evil racists. 

You like it when I state that truth but if I tell you that Trump is a psychopath that  lied about all the allegations of fraud and totally lied about the BIden election steal and is destroying the rebublican party and show all the proof............then, I'm biased.

By mcfarm - June 11, 2021, 6:55 a.m.
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I was defending fox not Trump, where did I lose you? Except for a select few of course, Wallace leading that parade

By metmike - June 11, 2021, 12:29 p.m.
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FOX has become Trump cheerleaders because of the ratings.......vs the truth.

Being in tv for 11 years,(as the chief meteorologist at WEHT in Evanville, IN) we were reminded how important the ratings were at least every month. 

We were fed data from constant focus groups and research to find out what viewers liked and didn't like. Who they liked and didn't like and why. If they didn't like better change fast or you were gone.  You had better change things to provide more of what they did other choice or you were gone.

It's a for profit business and profits are based on how many people the ratings measure that are watching because that determines how much you can charge for your commercial spots. 

Truth and ethics are usually important attributes because most people admire those qualities and they inspire trust........ however there can often be huge exceptions................we are getting that in spades at FOX on the Trump connection right now.

You see how intense the competition is in many professional sports?'s similar to that in television but all done behind the scenes as described above.

It's cut throat in many larger markets. You can be doing the absolute best job by almost any objective standard compared to the competition but if there is 1 reason people decide is more important than all those other reasons...........that's the only one that counts and you had better let that 1 reason be your master or you will suffer the an individual, lose your job. As a station, in the business to make as much money as possible......lose many millions of dollars. You must give people what they want............attract people to your station.

FOX is doing exactly that right now by embracing Trump and getting rid of liberals that provided any voice of reason to more radical views which are becoming more prevalent.

You just watch FOX because you like to get the news told to you exactly the way that you like to hear it. This is exactly what FOX is doing........exactly. They are no longer providing THE OBJECTIVE news, they are providing the news people like you want to hear to give them the highest ratings. This is why you started this thread as a defender of FOX, they are making changes to greatly appeal to mcfarm and others on the far right........very intentionally. 

I know from just watching the last 2 decades to compare 2021 with and being in that industry or over a decade but here's the irrefutable evidence:

Fox News intensifies its pro-Trump politics as dissenters depart

"On screen and off, in ways subtle and overt, Fox News has adapted to the post-Trump era by moving in a single direction: Trumpward.

Fox News’ ratings fell sharply after the network made an early call on election night that Joe Biden, then the Democratic presidential nominee, would carry Arizona and later declared him the winner, even as Trump advanced lies about fraud. With viewers in revolt, the network moved out dissenting voices and put a new emphasis on hard-line right-wing commentary.

Financially, the Murdochs’ formula has produced results: After a rare loss to archrivals CNN and MSNBC in January, Fox News’ ratings strength has recovered; the channel is again the Nielsen leader in cable news. In May, Fox News is on track to more than double CNN’s prime-time viewership.

 In some ways, the Murdochs are making a rational business decision by following the conservatives who have made up the heart of the Fox News audience; recent surveys show that more than three-quarters of Republicans want Trump to run in 2024.

    Partisanship plays well on cable news, an insight not lost on programmers at other networks who are chasing fatigued viewers. Liberal-leaning MSNBC expanded the show hosted by anti-Trump commentator Nicolle Wallace; it also replaced moderate Chris Matthews at 7 p.m. with partisan commentator Joy Reid. Last week, CNN dropped one of its chief conservative commentators, Rick Santorum, after he was criticized for remarks about Native Americans."

metmike:  mcfarm, this is exactly what's dividing our country. The quest for ratings and profits at the expense of the truth and by using the tactic of attacking the other side relentlessly with false narratives and hatred which play well to viewers that want to hear it because it reinforces their entire belief system...........the good, the bad and the ugly.
By metmike - June 11, 2021, 12:53 p.m.
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I'm not moderator here because of ratings. I'm extremely aware of what party the majority of posters here align strongly with.

I could be like FOX and make all my posts to line up with the right side ideology.

I make SOME of them that way though and some of those that support the right side of the issue, I will push extremely hard to make the case..........based entirely on it being legit and using nothing but authentic facts/evidence because I already, objectively vetted that topic and am certain the position being represented by me is based 100% on the rock solid science and facts.

Just one of those issues is climate change. But also attacking our police. Violent crime rates in our inner cities and actions to actually help minorities not use them for politics.   BLM. Masks/COVID/Vaccinations  and so on. 

You will always go to FOX because they will tell you everything you like to hear and have the franchise on viewers from the right.

You can always come here to find out what positions they tell you from the right are legit(and reasoning they use) and  will also find out which ones are not legit.

You will always disagree with me on the later but I will always listen to you and if you have authentic facts to support your position in  our disagreement.....I promise you that I will adjust my position accordingly.

Not subjective facts......everybody has those about everything. Authentic facts that stand up to scrutiny and should be recognized by both sides.