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Started by wglassfo - July 8, 2018, 10:09 p.m.


Upcoming Russia summit

Any thoughts??

Or does anybody follow this sort of stuff??


The people/contractors at the public trough want the summit to go badly

The people that hope for some kind of peace and security hope it goes well

Re: Russia
By GunterK - July 8, 2018, 10:28 p.m.
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The old-timers on this forum remember what it was like, growing up in a cold-war environment....never knowing when a mushroom cloud would turn you to ashes.

Finally, the cold-war was over, when the Soviet Union collapsed.... but this was not the end for our military industrial complex, our CIA and NSA to make Russia the boogieman. 

You witnessed what happened just now, in 2016. No, it couldn't just be a normal election, the Russians must have had something to do with it. Forget hackers in N Korea, Ukraine, UK, Iran, etc etc, it had to be the Russians. And the "investigation" is still going on.

 I have been wondering when a president would come along who would try to have a civil, mutually respectful relationship with Russia  Maybe this current president is the one to do so. 

However, it looks to me like the "deep state"/establishment will do its best to torpedo this effort They need an "enemy" like Russia to justify their existence, and their outlandish budget requests..... the "People" be damned.

Re: Re: Russia
By Lacey - July 10, 2018, 10:02 a.m.
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Everybody spies on everyone else.  We listen to the cell phone calls of our allies in Europe.  So only we can do it and nobody else.  18 months of this witch Hunt, what a complete waste of money.  The only realization in this discovery process is the corruption of the Obama  administration, in particular Hillary selling a chunk of our nuclear fuel to Russia for 150 million " donation" to the Clinton foundation

  Why are these people not in jail?

By carlberky - July 10, 2018, 11:47 a.m.
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"in particular Hillary selling a chunk of our nuclear fuel to Russia for 150 million " donation" to the Clinton foundation

" Snoops " said that that is false.

"  The Uranium One Deal Was Not Clinton’s to Veto or Approve. Among the ways these accusations stray from the facts is in attributing a power of veto or approval to Secretary Clinton that she simply did not have. Clinton was one of nine cabinet members and department heads that sit on the CFIUS, and the secretary of the treasury is its chairperson. CFIUS members are collectively charged with evaluating proposed foreign acquisitions for potential national security issues, then turning their findings over to the president. By law, the committee can’t veto a transaction; only the president can. 

All nine federal agencies were required to approve the Uranium One transaction before it could go forward. According to The New York Times, Clinton may not have even directly participated in the decision. Then-Assistant Secretary of State Jose Fernandez, whose job it was to represent the State Dept. on CFIUS, said Clinton “never intervened” in committee matters. Clinton herself has said she wasn’t personally involved.

The Timing of Most of the Clinton Foundation Donations Does Not Match
 Of the $145 million allegedly contributed to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors, the lion’s share — $131.3 million — came from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company’s Canadian founder. But Giustra sold off his entire stake in the company in 2007, three years before the Russia deal and at least 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state. "

Snoops may seem like a Lib site to you.  That's because they fact-check so many of  Trump's false statements.