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Started by Beck - Jan. 7, 2018, 12:41 a.m.

Go to stockcharts.com and plug in the symbol $NYXBT for the bitcoin chart. If you bought bitcoin before Nov 28 then you have profit.

Now consider the following:

1.   BTC is useless if you go to buy a tank of gas for your car or anything else under $1000. You can't buy a cup of coffee or tip a porter with it. Those days are gone.

2.   The BTC exchanges have been hacked and will continue to be hacked indefinitely until the hackers get a negative ROI. Quantum 'puters' are coming if not already here to break the code. 

3. Mining ops are only profitable in a few places in the world where low temps and cheap elec are constant.

4. There are secret meetings among THE central banks  to break the crypto's because TINA to maintain control.

5.  The inventor person known as Satoshi Nakamoto does not exist. BTC is a hypothetical invention for the future of a world currency of which has yet to be determined. The IMF could issue new crypto SDR coins tomorrow. 

6. Anonymous cryto transactions? LOL! You will need a special aluminum foil hat to be anon. For the hat design check out #crytodreamers.

Re: $NYXBT symb
By joj - Jan. 7, 2018, 10:29 a.m.
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I agree with much of your posting.  I would only push back slightly here and there.   While I can't buy a tank of gas with a cryptocurrency you could say the same about trying to use a gold coin.    I am of the opinion that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.  Of course that is only an opinion.  What is a fact is the following.  Bitcoin going from 37 cents to $20,000 is the greatest bull market in more than a hundred years and possibly the greatest bull market in the history of mankind.