Why do we have shortages
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Started by wglassfo - Oct. 3, 2021, 1:32 p.m.

Can some body tell me or even some possible reasons why we all of a sudden have shortages and back orders

Back in the day if you wanted a certain type of vechicle you could order it with your preferred options and it would arrive 6-8 weeks later. Most of us found what we wanted sitting on the lot, but today most car lots look rather bare. We are told it is because of a shortage of chips. Did we have a shortage of chips back in 2016?? What happened?? Covid?? You would think that would be solved by now or else it will take a long time. How long?? Is it really true Grandpa, that you could go to town with the old family car, and bring home a brand new car on the same day?? Really Grandpa

Have you gone looking for any kind of house appliance. You won't find what you want or at least we can't

Golly my wife wanted TP and there wasn't any

My wife tells me certain brands of caned goods are not always on the shelf. Try buying carpet, curtains and matching furniture, than find all the bits and pieces, some body to install every thing in less than a yr

Have you gone looking for clothes or shoes. If you can buy off the rack then good for you. I take an extra large shirt and not all blue jeans fit or look like I would wear them. The supply is limited and often I can't find what I wat. I don't remember so much trouble back in 2016 or 2015 or 2017

We do a fair bit of shopping in your country. The choices are better or should I say they were better, but I can't even drive across the border and yet if I flew down south I could walk across your border

We have inflation that no sane person believes is transitory. Just look at our COP to grow corn and tell me that price is transitory

We have boats drifting in the ocean waiting to get unloaded. Who is buying all this stuff floating around in the ocean waiting for a berth to get unloaded. It looks to me like a good opportunity exists to move the containers to an empty lot, heck even 10-20 miles from the dock and pile then up until a truck comes by wanting a certain container. Go get it and invoice the receiver 100 dollars a day storage fee. I bet you would be over run even if you could store 5-10,000 containers

5,000 x 100/day = 500,000/day storage fees and trust me because,  if that would help empty the dock, you would be in business. Could you think of a better investment of money and time. Sure, you need trucks and drivers but golly 10-20 miles isn't that far. Each truck could do 10 round trips easy. Pay the truck driver 50 for each round trip. 50 x 10 trips= 500.00/day income and you would find truck drivers

What I am saying is things have changed. The old way doesn't work, so get smart, use your head and make it work. Other wise we will be 10 yrs with shortages

I am tired of waiting for our stove that might be floating around in the ocean waiting to be unloaded the old way. Either things change or we really pay for our stuff when it finally arrives. I am surprised some body hasn't thought about an auction for new stuff. A bit of that is happening with house buying so don't say it won't happen

Every once in a while I have to rant a bit and then I feel better, even if it does not a bit of good. or nobody reads my books

Maybe I could write for the NYT or???

By metmike - Oct. 3, 2021, 2:03 p.m.
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Thanks Wayne,

I didn't realize there was such a shortage in all that stuff.

I intentionally live a pretty simplistic lifestyle that consumes the least amount of everything, except when it comes to food. So I know food prices and everybody knows gas. 

All my clothes have come from Fathers Day, Birthdays and Christmas presents.

I still drive a 2001 Taurus. My riding mower is older than that but I just keep fixing the parts that go bad. My wife got a new car. If I drive to Detroit to see Dad, we trade and she hates driving my car. 

I turn the AC off in the Summer when she's not in the house(75 when shes here) and take the thermostat down to 50 in the Winter..........but turn it back to 62 when she gets home. 

We did get a new washer/dryer and dishwasher early last year and a new fridge a few years ago but when those die, there's no choice. Have no idea if prices are up since then.

On food, I am shocked that Walmart jumbo eggs have stayed at 98c/dozen for many months(other stores have jumped much higher). Milk has increased to almost $2/gallon. A year ago, some places were just over half that. 

Yogurt is about the same price. Ice cream slightly higher, I think.

Chicken quarters there are still 59c/lb for the bag of 10 lbs. Some fruits and veg's are up a bit. 

As everyone knows, gas prices are MUCH higher. I get our gas at Sams which is always 10-30c lower than the other stations.

Late last Spring when gas prices were bottoming, the Sams price spiked down to $1.02.

I had filled up the day before but felt certain that was THE bottom and got just 1 gallon of gas to say that I paid $1.02 for gas!


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