Another Mass Shooting With an AR-Style Rifle
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Highland Park, Illinois: Another Mass Shooting With an AR-Style Rifle

By metmike - July 5, 2022, 6:52 p.m.
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There were two police encounters with the suspect before the Highland Park shooting

During a Tuesday afternoon news conference, Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek identified six victims of the Highland Park shooting:


  • Katherine Goldstein of Highland Park — age 64
  • Irina McCarthy of Highland Park — age 35  
  • Kevin McCarthy of Highland Park — age 37
  • Jacquelyn Sundheim of Highland Park — age 63
  • Steven Strauss of Highland Park — age 88
  • Nicolas Toledo-Zaragoza of Morelos, Mexico — age 78   

"We have also been notified that there is a 7th victim that died at a hospital located outside of Lake County," Banek told reporters.   

Sgt. Christopher Covelli of the Lake County major crime task force said the victim count currently stands at 45 injured or killed.

Crimo had purchased five firearms: two rifles, some pistols and possibly a shotgun, according to Covelli, who told reporters, "I believe it was in 2020 and 2021." 


The weapons were seized by authorities at the home of Crimo's father on Monday. 

   The suspected gunman in the deadly shooting on Monday in Highland Park, Ill., had planned the attack for weeks and disguised himself as a woman in an attempt to conceal his identity, officials said Tuesday.   

What began as a beloved July 4th tradition ended in tragedy after the 21-year-old man opened fire on a holiday parade in the Chicago suburb, killing seven people and injuring dozens more.                             

Robert "Bobby" Crimo III, who authorities say is currently the sole suspect, preplanned the shooting for several weeks, Sgt. Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force told reporters.     

Crimo used a "high-powered" rifle, which Covelli described as similar to an AR-15, to fire on paradegoers from the roof of a nearby business. He was taken into custody on Monday night after an hours-long manhunt.   

   Covelli said the suspect, dressed in women's clothing and possibly a wig, fired more than 70 rounds into the crowd. Then he reportedly dropped the rifle and escaped with the crowd "almost as if he was an innocent spectator," before walking to his mother's home and borrowing a vehicle.

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By metmike - July 5, 2022, 7:26 p.m.
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Highland Park July 4th shooting suspect's parents were 'a problem,' says former coach

 Robert 'Bobby' Crimo III allegedly used a high-powered rifle to open fire on parade goers July 4, killing six people and injuring dozens more

"I remember the parents more than him because they were kind of a problem," recalled Jeremy Cahnmann, who ran an afterschool sports program at Lincoln Elementary School. "There wasn't a lot of love in that family."

The accused shooter, 21, is in police custody after allegedly gunning down revelers at the Highland Park July 4 parade, killing at least six people and injuring more than 36.

Crimo was 9 or 10 when he was enrolled in Cahnmann's Nerf football program, along with his younger brother. "Every week, the Crimos were the last kids there, and we'd have to call their parents to pick them up," the former coach said, speaking of Crimo's dad, Bob Crimo, 58, and his mom, Denise Pesina, 48.

metmike: I just had to post this and comment because I run an after school chess program for 5 schools and at 3 of them, stay until the last parent picks up there kids and have done this for 25 years.

In some years, it was often the same parent(s) that were late every week. I noticed a correlation between that and love for the kids. ZERO!

Not zero love but just as much love with parents that are late.

There have been numerous incidents when I had to wait almost an hour. In the first few years, when it was just me and the kid..... it was very frustrating. In recent years........I'm always in a place where numerous other parents are picking up kids or there are teachers/secretaries with me some of the time..........and I just turn it into a fun social opportunity to talk with other adults and I never get bothered. Not even a little. 

Sometimes, I turn it into a private chess lesson to help the kid, since this is impossible when there are 50 kids at the same time there and the only reason that I go there in the first to teach chess to the students. So the kid actually gets rewarded because the parent was late!

The only tiny concern is that something might have happened to the parent if I can't contact them. That's never happened yet. The secretaries are usually still there and won't leave with a situation like that at a couple of the schools. 

For instance, a parent could have had a medical emergency or serious car wreck and we can't reach them because of that. Never happened in 25 years. 

OK, you can make a case that they are being inconsiderate of their child and the ones running the program if it repeats chronically but my personal experience coaching 3,700 kids is that many times, they are busy and disorganized and this ends up being a low priority and most likely...........THEY GET IN THE BAD HABIT OF BEING LATE. 

Never Be Late Again: 15 Tips to Guarantee You'll Always be on Time

This is worth it's own thread!

By metmike - July 11, 2022, 3:01 a.m.
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Video reveals bursts of rapid-fire gunshots in Highland Park parade killings

The thing that stood out most to me in the video is that while people are fleeing as fast as they can go running to the left on the screen, AWAY from the life threatening danger, several guys in yellow vests(cops) were going in the opposite direction TOWARDS the rapid gunfire and danger.

It's easy to under appreciate the responsibility of the job that cops do that includes risking their lives.

It's not properly appreciated from watching a video like this but at that time, dozens of bullets were rapidly flying and any one of them could have ended their life and they had no idea how long it would last or where the guy was.

The media and anti cop groups often like to sensationalize incidents of cops displaying their flaws. Mostly isolated NOT systemic.

What's systemic in the police force is ................bravery and a commitment to fighting crime to make the streets much safer for the rest of us.

With regards to them profiling...........yes that does happen but trying to train cops to be  dumb and pretend that blacks don't commit 6 times more violent crime than whites and separate themselves from the reality of their real world is MUCH less effective than if we actually reduced the extremely high crime rate caused by young black men.

If it dropped closer to the rate that whites commit'll take away the main reason for cops to be suspicious of blacks.

NO, they aren't more suspicious of blacks because they hate blacks. They just have logical, street smart brains that understand the realities of crime.

Sorry for getting off track there but the point is to support cops and appreciate the tough job and guts they have.

Hold bad cops responsible..........don't hold ALL cops responsible for bad apples.