RIP Dr. Patrick Michaels
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Started by metmike - July 17, 2022, 12:21 a.m.

RIP – Dr. Patrick Michaels, 1950-2022

Probably most here have never heard of this brilliant, honest climate scientist.

He was a gift to the world of honest science. Fortunately, his many lectures were recorded to share with others that want the truth about the climate.

He also wrote a number of enlightening books.

Elite climate understanding/discernment and unmatched for his ability to communicate it.

I'm Passing on these links from the comments section of the article at WUWT. If you want to actually learn about the authentic climate and why mainstream climate science is far too extreme/exaggerated, his lectures are the best and very understandable.

Everything that he states in the lectures and his books is based on rock solid science, observations/empirical data.

For me, one of the things that I liked the most was his ability to explain, specifically what and why mainstream climate is so wrong to a non climate scientist. ....even though I'm an atmospheric scientist.


2009: (volume is low on this one):











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Dr. Patrick Michaels — Great scientist and friend

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I’ve been enjoying some of those videos and it just makes one truly appreciate what a gift Dr. Michaels  was for debunking junk climate science and inserting reality/truth in its place!

This one is my favorite as he destroys Bill Nye the (fake) science guy by effectively communicating with intellectually profound and easy to understand reasoning. 

Dr. Patrick’s mind was always jammed packed with many thousands of polished responses/statements that quickly (and respectfully) came out of his mouth at all the right times to nail the bullseye in  addressing the most important part of EVERY SINGLE DISCUSSION. 

I was chief meteorologist for 11 years at WEHT-TV Evansville, IN and on my very best day couldn’t be as skilled at communicating as Dr. Michaels was when he was having his worst day!

 Actually……… appears as if there is no evidence of him ever having what most of us would consider having a bad day!

Patrick J. Michaels discusses Climategate on CNN vs Bill Nye
Dec 8, 2009 12-7-09