Heat at night messes up sleep
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Started by metmike - July 27, 2022, 11:40 a.m.
  • I spend a lot of time working outside of our house and when my wife is gone, actually turn the AC OFF, even if its 100 and humid outside. Early in the hot season, I notice the heat, then get totally get used to it.

The wife will call 30 minutes before coming home to remind me to turn the AC ON for her.

If she or I forget, she gets home and  acts like 80+ degrees in the house is going to kill her. Part of it too, is accepting in addition to acclimating. If you dwell on how hot it is, it will amplify the discomfort.
In the car, she has to have the perfect temperature because her focus is often on whether its slightly too warm or slightly too cold and there is constant adjustments to accommodate any perceived feelings of too hot or too cold.

I’ll bet human beings for thousands of years complained much less about the same heat waves we moan and groan about today, even though many folks are not out in it much and for thousands of years, the Summer outdoor environment was also the indoor environment. 

Too many luxuries have caused many of us to take too many things for granted and  waste too much unproductive negative mental energy trying to find reasons to not be completely thrilled with everything the way it is at every moment in time.

Please do assert yourself aggressively to change wrongs into rights and be your best. But accept shist that we can’t change and accept minor shist that we can change but is wasting mental/physical energy, when the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

Sleeping is another deal. It’s gotta be at 70 deg. F or below because there is no way to sleep as well when its too warm. You can NEVER do it for physical reasons that mostly, can only be addressed using the dial on the thermostat. Your core body temperature is a big determining factor!
Crappy sleep makes you less productive and more sensitive to pain/temperature during the day. 

Why is it so difficult to sleep when it’s hot?


The Best Temperature for Sleep

So, a person with a warm core body temperature can function great and be adjusted to heat from acclimation all day long but at night, they WILL NOT SLEEP AS WELL because of the way our body’s are designed.

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