Biggest aggravation
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Started by wglassfo - Aug. 5, 2022, 2:12 a.m.

I am sure we all have some pet peeves so I thought a list from different posters would be interesting

I will start with one that comes to mind at times

When ever we travel in Europe or any place far away, from NA, people will always say we are american

I always say we are Canadian, not American and get a bit peeved. One restaurant owner had us pegged as Canadians, before we even sat down. So we asked him how come he did not think we were american, as that was the usual comparison we get.

He told us, as Canadians, we always ask for the "wash room" and American ask for the "rest room". Golly that set us back a moment but by golly, I think he was mostly correct. That one did not bother me and was a bit funny to think about how people  pick up on different things

One person in NC said he just asks for the bath room. That's different in a public place.

If you really want a rest room experience you need to go and see how they do it in China. For the women, just a hole in the floor.

Now if you go to Branson, Missouri, get tickets to the best violin player you will ever hear. Not only does he entertain solo for at least an hr, but during intermission you are invited to inspect his rest room. In fact the folks insist and what a sight to behold. People are taking pictures inside his rest room, of all things, simply because it is so lavish and artistic. Plus functional is accurate, but is just an after thought. Green plants, live flowers, gold platted or looked like gold plate with attendants, such as I have never seen, uniforms and all.

I think you get the picture. I don't go to many high class spots and am just a country bumkin with very thick skin. You have to have thick skin to survive in an 8 class country school of 40 students or more. Got my fair share of bloody noses.

Do you know one good way to spot an American/Canadian tourist. There are many ways, but the one that got my attention was we mostly have perfectly straight teeth. Remember those braces in public school. Well many folks can't afford such dentistry bills. Another thing is the men usually wear shorts while on holiday. In Europe only children wear shorts. But who cares, right?? Your on a holiday and if shorts feel just what you want to wear, heck on what folks think. Right???

Guess what communist countries do better than we do, or it seems kind of eye catching. They sure know how to put on a show when marching

I bet our missiles/precision any thing, are more accurate after watching russia

You would think russia had an old time scatter gun. Just point the thing in the general direction and shoot. Heck they don't dare go nuclear. They are afraid the missile would go rogue and come back home. Maintenance is required for a precision instrument. We know that on the farm but when some body skims the allocated funds then you wonder if the dang thing will even fire up. Corrosion, dirt, bee wings etc. does nasty things to sensors and such things, as you know with your late model, what ever you drive. It  may not be the chip, it might be the corroded connection. That will drive many a person insane trying to locate the fault, until they came out with computer thing a may jigs that locate the fault.

By metmike - Aug. 5, 2022, 2:59 a.m.
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You sure get around Wayne,

I never would have guessed you traveled to so many places.