IRS salary range
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Started by wglassfo - Aug. 10, 2022, 10:49 a.m.

The salary range for IRS agents is 34k to 170,000K

If most start at the bottom salary range, where will the gov't find 87K agents

Even slightly higher if education/experience requires higher starting salary, where will 87k new agents be found???

How many could pass a drug test

Does anybody know the minimum qualifications for acceptance as a new IRS hire

Would I qualify???

My brother is a chartered accountant, if he was a USA citizen, would he qualify.

What salary might he expect Minimum 70k in Canada

Will the department find 87,000 new hires at the lowest stating salary of 34k/yr???

This whole thing looks to have failure written all over it

I have just asked a few questions to find out if you think the program will succeed

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