Bill Nye the science Lie
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Started by metmike - Aug. 27, 2022, 3:17 p.m.

He's got a new show that apparently is going to tell us how we can control nature.

In the interview, he claims that future hurricanes (cat. 6)  will cause storm surges from the Gulf of Mexico to penetrate all the way to Oklahoma and Tennessee.

One show claims that in our future  there may be hurricane hydrostorms that can drown the entire planet.

He claims that his show will be educational and help people to plan for these things to survive.

He mentions that installing wind turbines in the path of a hurricane could weaken them............more junk science.

The biggest study on this computed the affects of a hurricane passing over 74,000 wind turbines.

The entire planet has only 5 times that many, so how will you have 20% of the current worlds wind turbines, strategically placed in the path of a  hurricane?

It would be impossible to install enough of them with enough density and coverage to make any difference and the massive negatives would outweigh the miniscule positives that might happen 1 time in 10 or 20 years when a major hurricane happened to pass exactly where a mega high concentration of wind turnbines was located.

This is what I mean about this guy. He makes stuff up and sells it as science. Snake oil, junk science from a tv actor playing a scientist using his personna, with real life  science ignorance to push a political agenda.

One of my favorite videos is the one where Bill Nye and Al Gore, completely fake a CO2 experiment that looks convincing if you don't understand anything about molecular physics or meteorology/climate.......which is most people but is laughable to real scientists that understand those things and they MUST have intentionally faked the results in order to get them which is blatant, intentional fraud to brainwash people.

Ignorance could not have caused the results of the experiments. Tampering to create a fraudulent outcome is the only path which led to what they showed it.

If they will go to this extreme for their political agenda, then we can assume that they are intentionally perpetrating fraud some of the time when they speak about the fake climate crisis and the remainder is just being ignorant on the principles of science/meteorology/climate.

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