Biden Approval Ratings
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Started by joj - Aug. 30, 2022, 9:05 a.m.

I check in on the realclearpolitics website now and then to see approval ratings and polling on political races.  It's also a great site for getting links with all sides of any issue in their editorials, even the fiction that Fox puts out. :-)

Biden's approval rating hit a low of negative 20% (on the RCP average of polls) a little over a month ago.  Recently his numbers have been improving dramatically.

I am somewhat confounded by the dramatic change.  I don't think it is the tuition debt forgiveness order, which came well after the lows.  Is it as simple as gas prices at the pump coming down almost a buck a gallon over the summer?  Is it the Supreme Court ruling on Roe?  Is it just random fickleness of the average American?

Interestingly, Trumps numbers improved from dramatically (currently -12.9) after he was out of office and no longer tweeting.  If only he had dummied up while being president.  He probably would have had 2 terms.

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