RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wins
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Started by metmike - Jan. 28, 2023, 12:57 p.m.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel elected to fourth consecutive term    


The back story on this, relates to who I'm nicknaming "The retarded charlatan"

Mike Lindell Swore He’d Win the RNC Chair Race. He Got Smothered.


The pillow magnate’s fledgling bid to take over the RNC ended Friday when he lost in overwhelming fashion on the first ballot, with just four votes out of 167 cast. (Ronna McDaniel won the election with 111 votes.)


Lindell was serious about his bid to lead the RNC. The problem was, no one else ever saw him that way.

“The pillow guy? That’s kind of a joke,” one RNC member told The Daily Beast ahead of the party’s winter meeting in Dana Point, California, where Lindell made the final push.

An ally of challenger Harmeet Dhillon called the Lindell bid “a complete sideshow” and said members would desperately try to avoid his calls.


Here's the really, REALLY scary part of him. A huge % of republicans buy into his blatant, clownish chicanery...because they want to believe! If republicans had voted for this office, The Retarded Charlatan would be the new RNC chair!!!

Those same people all believe the election was stolen from Trump and believe everything that Trump says.

Mike Lindell Backed by More Republicans Than McDaniel to Lead RNC: Poll


The poll released Thursday by Rasmussen Reports found that 30 percent of likely Republican voters want Lindell to be the next RNC chair, compared to the 15 percent who backed McDaniel and 20 percent who picked Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney for former President Donald Trump. Another 15 percent said they didn't support any of the three and 21 percent were undecided.

The RNC head is not elected by everyday Republican voters, but rather by committee members of the national party's governing body. A candidate needs a simple majority, or 85 of 168 votes, to win. Members will convene on Friday for the secret-ballot election.


But this is the world that we live in today! People that want to believe in things being influenced by DISinformation and propagada telling them what they want to believe. People fact check things that they don't want to believe but give a free pass to DISinformation they want to believe in.

*The election was stolen from Trump

*The COVID vaccine kills more people than COVID and doesn't protect you

*The current climate optimum for life is a climate crisis

*The beneficial gas, CO2 that's greening up the planet with it's booming biosphere.........is actually pollution and the fake green energy wrecking the planet because of crony capitalism and political agenda....will save it.

*It's better to have Ukraine obliterated and take us into WW3 to destroy Russia than to negotiate with Russia and concede to not letting Ukraine Join NATO to assure peace.

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